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    Please have in-depth customization for the beast races, at least as much as humans, such as different scale/fur patterns, different species, muzzles/snouts, and plenty of miscellaneous customization along with race specific/tailored clothing and accessories.
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    Tattoos & body paint/Nordic culture?

    I really like the hybrid idea but I was wondering if there would be a hybrid human/wolf option? Also I have some tattoo ideas inspired by Nordic runes so I was curious if there would be other planets with other cultures on them? Can anyone tell me how to add pictures cause I want to show one of my drawings and all the runes? Game look amazing so far can’t wait to see the finished product!
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    The ability to choose different species, like the shark or ferret. Maybe it's already included, but really want it.
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    I always use female characters.
    for me it is fundamental to be able to modify, the eyes, the haircut and the tits
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    A good variety of pre-made face's for female characters , be it using a randomize button the females always look ugly, and the males not at all in ANY GAME you play that has customization, it's sad to see and caters more towards male players rather than female. As a woman i love being able to make a pretty female character and stick to it , rather than make yet another male one since the females look dreadful.As for customization in all different species eyes, sclera , a good variety of hairstyles for male/females be it short and long no matter the gender. A good option for hair dye,gradients and such. Important!!!! Starting clothing set's are a must, or at least easy to obtain while playing! Let's take "Monster Hunter World" as an example, you grind monster parts from killing them and make armor sets, they offered an overlay of armors on top of that , so no matter what you have equipped you can always look stylish!!!!
    Have a lovely day team!!!!! And best of luck, your progress is stunning , keep up the amazing work!!!!
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    LOVE THE THEMES - Here's something to add to think out :)

    Absolutely love the customization themes so far. One that I think would also be very dope would be if the characters ethnicity could be mixed. So to have the option of a shark like - human hybrid mix species. Would definitely add more personality to the world being created. and unique character in it's own right.
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    Outfits of different ethnic origins

    DEFO Outfits of different ethnic origins +1+1+1+1+1!!

    More Indian outfits (Hindu/Sikh/Jain/Buddhist Clothing) please!!
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    companion ,

    A Character can have companion like a pet may be dogs, cats or even wild animals or else space alien pets or else robots .
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    One great example of customization is red dead redemption 2 with every piece of your outfit is it's own thing plus being their for some reason.

    You don't just have a thick fur jacket because cool it's but because you will go to cold areas in the world and you need thicker clothing to keep warm.

    Yes customization is cool but what makes it better is when it's given a purpose and yes we can all agree the main purpose is to make your character look different "One of a kind" but that's superficial and kind of redundant therefore it doesn't add anything to the story or to the gameplay.

    When you play red dead redemption 2 depending on how you look will cause people to act different around you so if you continously are dirty and reak of manure people will be less inclined to want to speak to you and your gang members will either make fun of you for this or scold you for this.

    See will that little detail it makes the person care about their design, they feel more fulfilled by doing that. This makes them experiment with the custom options trying to see what happens when they were to do that or what is the best options put together.

    This gives more replay ability and adds to the sense of "Not every playthrough will be the same"

    But that's clothing what about the character itself that's when it gets interesting looking at watch dogs 3 where you can play as anyone which gave me more insight into individuality.

    Characters aren't just different by the way they look but by their characteristics. This means no matter what new outfit you put on a character most of the time the character will act, sound and play the same in most video games.

    But with watch dogs 3 that's different. You got your baby boomers that little slower but all lot more feisty. You have punks that have more agility and have power and your spies that are more elegant with what they do.

    Every character plays different will play differently and act differently to situations so when you to get that final boss the 5th time in a row it will be different than when you went Tommy sanders professional skater or with Aunt sandy the old cat lady that loves sports cars.

    This is true customization making a character special not just be skin deep but more in depth with what they say to people and how they say it. If they will be able to outrun those people or will go all Rambo and try to kill all the cops instead.

    When I speak about my character it should be my character not just face 3 with voice 10. That's means nothing because pretty much when I say something people will be like "oh yeah that happened to me" but not in a good in way that says this has happened to so many people it's kind of common.

    Every experience should feel like a one million chance of happening so when someone does say "Oh that happen to me" if feels like you are connected by that story not just be playing the game.

    Also quick thing little touch like being able to roll up sleeves and unbuttoned shirts or even customizing clothing you already have could be cool not mention being to get a haircut or get tattoos.

    In conclusion I'm trying to say every choice by the play should have a purpose and a consequence but that doesn't have to be drastic like they can't see in the daylight but only at night yet that would be cool just have a reason for everything being and not just being there to look cool.
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    The ability to change your HEIGHT, and cosmetics!

    Character creation and customization is soooo important to me. It allows me to really BE who I want to be in my game. You should definitely include makeup options and as many different types of clothing and hairstyles as possible. Also I LOVE the picture of the big group of space pirates, I would absolutely love to be able to create something akin to the little goth doll girl. The ability to change your height and body proportions would be a massive bonus. Would literally sell my soul for this game. Also I just want to say that I absolutely love the character movement of what I've seen so far and the body proportions you've gone with. This game and the characters should definitely lean more towards stylized rather than ultra realistic. The day this game comes out will be the day my dreams finally come true. Absolutely adored the first game.
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