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    Would not mind options for warm and cold weather clothing like we saw in Red Dead Redemption 2, thick overcoat for cold weather and light sleeveless shirts for warm climates with options for lighter clothing as well with sleeves like a shirt or something to avoid sun burn, and old jumpsuits and old space suits run down uniforms and space suits.

    I am sort of over the constant tribal look so some more uniform looking rag clothes with maybe the Pirate groups logo on the items so you can tell who they are with, full on combat armor options when you are assaulting some specific badguy who might have heavier weapons.
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    My 10 cents

    Please don't do cross over content from other games and please don't do micro transactions. But if you have to then, please don't rub them in our faces continually.

    You go to all this effort to build immersion, a full living breathing solar system, rich characters and then add 4th wall breaking content and reminders that we're just 'in a game' designed to make as much money from us as possible. "Here's a costume of you dressed like Rayman! Buy it now for only $2.00"

    I know Ubisoft is a large corporation and they're in a big pond full of sharks all trying to get a bite of our wallets. I understand microtransactions increase a game's dev budget and scope, because, increased profit at the other end. But let's just keep it as sensible as possible and out of the way of the main story and menus. Pretty please!
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    The one thing I really want that I haven't seen mentioned yet, is the ability to choose your reason for being cloned if you play as a hybrid. I saw mentioned that they were all cloned for some specific purpose, like bounty hunting, mining, and the one I thought was the most interesting: being a toy/companion for a child. Now I kinda want to play as a fluffy bunny hybrid who was made to keep some kid happy and eventually got sick of it and decided he'd rather murder people and pillage valuables in space.
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    Excuse me i am tired of ps4 i got ff15 and thats it skyrim ok 80 hours assassin creed gj, um for 475$ what is that? Its honestly 2 games one you can fish in and one you can boat, i am severly dissappointed i will admit i dont play spyro anymore i want to fly and shoot a ground based animal from 100 to 50 meters away thats you give it but atleast 3 hits head torso legs,. Exm double does mean plate over plate or do i have to settle for leather besides that the ps4(do not stretch to ps6 comps install onto comps xm) is my main concern, im going for cyerpunk because fortnite has me used to shooting you, im gonna shoot you in ncis and blue bloods...
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    My requests are pretty simple.
    There are a hand full of thing i would like to see besides the option to have tattoos or not.
    The ability too change your full customization form the character screen like ghost recon offers.
    The ability to sculpt your characters face instead of just choosing from preset faces. A lot of Ubisoft games have terrible preset faces.
    Maybe a toggle for nudity, games like dragon age have allowed nudity in cutscenes but I would like to see it as an option of what you have when you un equip your clothing
    instead of generic under ware.
    Also a separate slot for head gear and eye ware.

    Thank You
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    purely about genetics.

    Honestly, like you guys have said in the past. these pirates are from a genetically engineered slaved past. If that's the case odds are some of them went horribly wrong. All I want is for the chance to "mess up" my genes. I'm talking like asymetrical or non matching limbs. maybe grotesque growths that are like GM tumor issue. I mean like you look at this guy and are revolted. I think there's a place in this world for ugly and the oppurtunity to apply it in our own fun way is right here. I have seen similar concepts go too far and I know there would have to be a certain parameter for it to stay in in order for the avatar to still work with gear/animations. It could however add even more diversity. imagine my space pirate hog has one gimp leg and now his animation when he is walking becomes more of a hobble. These are the kinds of things in a game I enjoy. an intriquing amount of detail goes an extremely long way. oh another thing... I want dances. pleaaaaaaaase. dances I can chooooooose thanks guys. super excited about this game.
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    So I'm hyped about this but I'm curious about something. Is this going to be a MMO, a single player game, a local co-op or a combination of single player exploration that you can invite your friends to play online. I'm hoping for the latter. Secondly, will you be considering allowing players to mod their own hybrid race into the game by adding a race customizer program in the main menu? That would surely open up more flexibility in custom playable races and less work for the Devs. Would be nice to make our own with custom flaws and merits.
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    for beyond good and evil 2, you should lots of bipedal creature forms like birds, kitsunes, dragons, killer whales, wolfs, snake, elephants, dinosaurs sea creature like electric eels etc
    you can choose back ground, profession,

    different society per planet should have different caste system so some race are more favored so have better perks if go to that plane, example in tropical planet bird or parkour type and aquatic hybrids have better benefits than most slow land hybrids

    maybe add cooking, relationship pair up characters or npcs that unlock quests with unique rewards
    there should be some floating continent quest only accessible by flying type hybirds, deep sea explore can be done by marine life hybrid, strong big hybird do exclusive quests

    maybe minigames involving opening a bar/restaurant to run like create and find recipes, equipment decorations, upgrades to automated where you can gain some income both legit or black market or adventure,

    including some elements like snow rain typhoon cloudy which affect certain enemies appearance with means certain elemental weapon has more damage that day like electric>rain, rain>lasers, nature> rain

    these days people like animorphism events(recall mighty max lizardmen? guyver anime zoanoids? conan adventurer werewolf? BNA? log horizon fox tail? cat like zues race beastman from king of thorns
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    Armor and accessories;
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    Hello team, don't forget to create a ponytail hairstyle for male in BGE2, a ponytail like Midas characters on Ghost Recon or like the actor Steven Seagal... Please really don't forget think it please
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