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    I have a red "portwine" birthmark on my face. Adding a birthmark is something I've always wanted to be able to do in character customization but it is never available, I guess because it is rare. The closest I've ever found was a red facial tattoo in Skyrim, which was actually pretty awesome. Tattoos and scars are pretty regularly available, but a lot of people have irregular, you might say mottled, skin, sometimes even spotting. Red and brown markings are not terribly uncommon on light skinned people, and darker skinned people often have light markings. I do plan to buy this game when it is released, and I know that any option for birthmarks or irregular skin coloring for the humans would make me very happy. Since you're asking for suggestions, I figured it was worth a shot. Looking forward to the game, have been ever since that teaser trailer that came out so very long ago now.
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    Question about character customization

    When you say → The concept art shown here is but one example of the myriad possibilities available to make your Space Pirate in your own preferred style.← Would it be possible for the player to make a wolf-character (wolf head & human body with fur) ?? Or is it only specifik characters the player can customize??
    I would really love to play as a wolf-character with dark fur, black pants and a long open black coat. I can even picture him in my head how cool he would look..
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    I also want to ask, Would it be possible to steal a police vehicle, store it in the mothership and use it as your own privat vehicle??

    I would also like to ask a important question!! Would it be possible in the settings to turn off all music?? I am a Youtuber and I don't want troubles with youtube because of music on my streams/videos because it can't be turned off in the game which can cause a closing of my channel!!
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    Will I be able to choose from multiple races? The shark like figure suggests something to that effect, and I'm interested in such an idea.
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    Character Customizing

    Like all the ones you have listed. Would love to see custom pets.
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    Make it easy to change

    Often in these games changing costumes or looks is locked behind an expensive plastic surgeon or something. I understand that for major changes, but out here in the real world, changing body paint or makeup or jewelry is something we change several times a day.

    Some or all of my loom should be really easy to change. I want to change face paint and makeup to suit the mood some for clothes and jewelry and ideally hairstyle too. I want to be able to dress up as appropriate to the missions and mess with my look on the regular.
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    Instead of having a preset of skin colors, is it possible to have a color gradient/slider? I've noticed most character creators you can only choose from a handful of preset skin colors, and they're not always that inclusive. With a slider we could have more control and flexibility over how our characters look.

    Another great feature would be the ability to create different body types. In some character creators you can change the physique from muscular, to lean, to chubby, etc.
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    body shapes and sizes

    i like to be able to change the body shape and size in a realistic sizes and shape. i know some people will think O your asking for huge anime breast and butts. but no , im like to see a nice size chest leveling and height bare to let you go further in depth in to creating you own character and no some copy pasta body shape that EVERY one has..
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    I would like to see a really in dept character customization and the ability to choose from multiple different races and be able to change every detail for example arm size and etc
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    Custom Characters

    I'd love to see alot of customizations

    down to the details


    the whole 9 yards
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