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    i think robotic body parts would be pretty cool, like have a robot arm and a robot leg or two robot arms you know.
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    First of all the concept art looks dope! I like the way the tats, gear, and accessories look, but personally I'd like to acquire most of this by progressing through the game. I love it when my character looks very different after bunch of hours from how they looked in the beginning of the game.

    Some stuff stuff should be available in the beginning, but I believe it should be in tied into your character's narrative. Like you may have a tattoo that refers to when you used to be part of a gang or organization which makes certain NPCs treat you differently, for better or worse. Or scars/burns that NPCs can ask you about and you can pick options as to how you got them which become part of your backstory. Then maybe you can meet people who were later on who were there as either fellow survivors, perpetrators, your surviving victims with scars of their own.

    I also hope that the type of race you choose has a bearing on how the world treats you. Like if you need info from a pig hybrid, he/she may have a more positive attitude toward a fellow pig. Or a crocodile hybrid might be negative toward a shark hybrid because both types get recruited as muscle for rivaling gangs or organizations that usually make them have to fight each other, which has created a feud between their races. And if you choose to be any hybrid then many humans would discriminate against you and behave snooty because they think they're better than you. If you're human many hybrids may resent you.
    All these instances making for different circumstances when interacting with people. So you might have to be more or less persuasive or just having to kill the person/people. It could also make it that much better when you befriend someone or romance them.
    Yep I said it. Not sure if that option will be in the game but it would be dope.

    I noticed you guys payed great attention to detail in the difference in movement between monkeys and humans (obvious I know) which makes me excited to see how other hybrids move and how it will effect traversal. Maybe tuk-tuks and hover crafts are slower with heavier characters. With sharks, maybe jetpacks move slower vertically, but their aerodynamic profile allows them to almost swim through the air when moving horizontally. Maybe being a feline allows you to run faster or being a monkey or gorilla allows you to climb better. Yes I say climb because you shouldn't need a jetpack to get on a platform that is waist or chest high. Even right above your head you should be able to grab the ledge and pull yourself up.

    I also wonder if there will be advantages or disadvantages depending on what type of character you choose. Simple examples: sharks, gorillas, rhinos etc. would give you a strength, and intimdation advantages while giving you disadvantages in speed and tech. while cats and reptiles give advantages in speed and persuasiveness. Monkeys and pigs can give you advantages in using tech (such as gadgets and flying aircrafts) and crafting (creating weapons and items and cooking restorativeand buff items) with disadvantages in intimidation and speed and humans can be the jack-of-all trades type. So it creates starting classes that you can stick with or choose to upgrade your weaknesses so that you have none.

    I'm sure you're coming with all kinds of things i haven't even thought of, but I hope this can be of some help.

    Thank you for your consideration and the awesome game you're releasing. I can't wait to play it!
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    Black human male hair. Almost no game where you can create yourself gets this right. I usually have to make do with big fro, lil fro, bald or almost bald with no shape up. Though there are some that give you nappy with no shape up.
    Every now and then I'd like a fade with a shape up or at least give the almost bald a shape up.
    So moral of this story: a shape up.

    Also voice options would be cool. I'm obviously black. Or at least black enough so... A black person's voice would be perferable.
    If I have the option to create myself in a game, I'm gonna try to actually create myself in the game at least once; maybe twice. (Maybe even thrice lol)
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    It would be very nice if we could individualize all parts of the face and the body of our character with sliders.
    weapons should be attached to different parts of the body and all stowed in holsters. For example, it would be cool to wear a katana on the hip while holding a pistol under the shoulder, a rifle on the back and a second sword on the back, all in adjustable holsters. our spaceship should be designed as in sims from inside and outside. I would like to be able to design the complete interior design myself.

    Also it would be extremely cool if there was almost any hairstyle. please so that everyone finds his desired hairstyle. please just make the effort to make it as extensive as possible. it will be guaranteed to pay off. for me, the game builds on how satisfied I am with my character.
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    personality types

    I would like to select my characters persomality type during customization that will define its style of doing things like walking, running, jumping,siting etc
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    I think these are all brilliant ideas.

    I'd like to see the individual items as already mentioned as well as the full pre-assembled out fits.

    Tattoos and other body markings that can be placed anywhere and resized.

    Patches, decals and other clothing markings that can be placed anywhere on any items and resized.

    Maybe the inclusion of customise-able necklaces, bracelets, watches, belts etc.

    But more than anything else right now. I'd love to play a teaser demo.

    Please let us know when we could get our hands on some game play.

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    Character races and customization options.

    I am an absolute nut for Tigers and would love to be able to create a Tiger based character or even a saber tooth tiger. I think having some detail customization options like eyes, teeth, gold teeth and having customization sliders too change the shape of these detail would be awesome. I would also love to be able to make my character tall and muscular like 7 feet tall. I would like to see clothing, jewelry customization with color options and layering. I love the idea of augmented body mods. Imagine it!!!! A giant 7 foot tall body builder tiger with gold fangs one bionic red eye and a mech arm.
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    Age customization

    I'd like to see some age customization options and perhaps facial expressions and other kinds of visualisations which reflect the characters personalitie(s). For example characters who are: happily insane, cynical, 'in constant state of panic' or fear driven. I'd like to be able to choose my characters basic state of mind. My choice must reflect onto my characters face en total appearance.
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    Wolf character customization

    I would love to see a character based on wolves in the final game
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    Would love for you guys to add orangataun, lemurs and low land gorillas as playable hybrids
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