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    Another idea : fur decoration/shaving instead of "tatoo".
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    and to decide how dense/fluffy can your fur be or choose the size of scale / feathers could be really nice too
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    Tribal paint and complements so great
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    Something I think should be emphasised in the character creation is Differences in body type and what we could do to really make our characters our own. Something like a LOT of sliders to change the way Our Tummy looks to the way our chest and forearms would look. So that at the end of the day we could having Hulking Elephant/Rhino/Tiger Builds and Slime and agile looking Cat type builds.
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    Here we go again, developers seeking advice from players about customization and cosmetics just to implement tons of microtransactions and lootboxes after the release of the game. If you really believe that i'll take part on this shameful act to further dagame the game....you're wrong.
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    Hair textures and voice options

    I would love to see different hair texture for example I'm black and black people hair textures should be coarse, curly and wavy so if yall pull that off I'm sold on the whole BG&E2 experience

    Please give us more voice options because Ghost recon wildlands had one voice actor for the men and it didn't fit my character at all so giving a variety of voice actors would be a great option
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    ability to fully customize Create your Truly Unique character.

    Very similar to what stuvakronakivik said with to make your own design,

    like clothing with Scaling option of making the clothes with XYZ Longer, shorter, wider, baggier, or more fitting or tighter. color choice, template\palette choice, Ability to place infinite/high numbers tattoos in an XYZ placement and scale of bigger, or smaller Tats, Glowing Tattoos, paint options for warpaint faces. Tribal, South Asia tats, and body piercings with scaling options of XYZ, from belly, nipples, ears, forehead, and nose, Eye Brows, lip piercings, range with good color choice and with options of Silver to Gold. if it can't be done by color Template, Rings, Studs, Etc, ring for several fingers for the character. with big and small rings Thumb finger, Index finger, middle finger, etc with scaling options, ring with letters A-Z, [ I Don't know there going to be any fist fighting in this game or not xD], long nails options and color option for said nails,

    options for clothing types like an urban, thuggish, formal, long dress, military And pilot suit/jacket, Gothic, Victorian, Jumpsuit, Etc, old and new era design [Year 2xxx-1660]

    Head/ hats, cowboy hats, basketball hat, military helmet, full military helmet, space helmet, biker helmet with spikes, headbands, sun hat.Viking helmet, tophat
    Viking helmet, bandanas, crown, Samurai helmets, bucket hats, beret. Rasta hats. visor,

    option to add du rags to hats or any head item [this is kinda base of on something I saw in the TV or videogame(?) where a soldier wear rag or du-rag or some sort under a cap to keep the heat off of them.]

    Hat options for the hat to be turn around and in 360 and ability to tilt it up and down, and sideways.

    Face\Eyewear, Googles, Tech googles and, shades, Eyepatch, electric eye visor [Over9000], hip hop glasses? <[the one with the lines in them]>.

    Face, Face mask, hockey mask, rag/scarf mask, Gasmask, ski mask.

    For the upper body, it should have a 4-5 layer of clothing to apply under clothing like layer 1 tank top and T-shirt, etc while layer 3 or 4 would be for jackets like a military jacket or heavy winter coat, while the 4-5 would be an armored vest,

    Necklace, dog tag, big and small jewelry.clock necklace.
    should be able to add up to 5+ necklaces

    Shoulder, shoulder pads, Samurai shoulder pads, spiked shoulder pads, Gladiator shoulder pads,
    shoulder pads have options of left and right on or off option of choice as well as size differences

    biceps.Armbands and shields.

    Wrist, wristband, watches, jewelry,

    Gloves, armored Gloves, Thumb Free gloves, fingerless gloves, heavy-duty gloves, military gloves, Dress gloves.
    scale option should apply, ranging from bulky to thin, long and short, option to wear on both hands or just, on one hand, either side.
    Arm extras attachment: arm pads elbow pads, armored arm pads.

    Chest wear, Tank top, T-shirt, Hoodie, Basketball, and American football jersey, Mesh clothes, Suit & Tie, Dresses, Overcoats, Overalls, Chest Utility Bag, and vest, and remind\clearUP: option to make the clothes bagger or tighter and long or short, scale options wise as mention before. and ability to make sleeves longer as well as short to just right off remove them as an option Left or right/both, scale options wise.

    Belt, belt buckle, heavy-duty belt, tactical belt

    .Underwear, Boxers. as an option choice.

    Legs, pants, jeans, shorts, kilt, chap pants, skirt, cargo pant, and shorts.
    ability to make clothing scale-wise option [Again..] length and width, longer and shorter, wider or thinner, baggier or tighter, and pants/shorts being lower and below than the waist or higher of above the waist at hip side sagging pants tyling

    ability to add kneepads on legs as an extra attachment.

    socks and pantyhose,

    shoes, boots, heels, loafers, sneakers, punk boots, military boots.

    scaling option and extra, for that mention above, length and width, etc, etc, etc...

    body customization

    Upper Arms
    crown anatomy head
    ears, ears with a shot hole, different stance
    Nose, I don't know how this will work with anthropomorphic.
    Teeth, the length, and distance
    hair, longer hair option as well as broader hair option, like long cornrows be long enough to be on your back, or a hair afro, or a big and tall mohawk, or mullet
    beard, having beards longer and bigger is also a good option, like make a goatee longer and standout, as well as making it boarder or so.
    sideburns, big sideburns as a makeable option
    eyebrows, same story. <
    Claws, longer claws shorter claw, or no claws, option.

    [ Again.. scaling option and extra, for that mention above, length and width, etc, etc, etc... ]

    ability to save look and outfit, in an individual save slots
    as well as save the design of clothing, in an individual save slots
    and able to load the outfit or look from via, wardrobe, or freely, etc.

    ability to make multiple characters
    change the character emotions, from anger to happy and mad. and bit of a silly face emotes.
    have funny and cute animations actions.

    vehicle customization
    change the size of the wings
    make the plane wider or thinner, or longer.
    back rudder attachments
    change the size of weapons, like making minigun longer or shorter, or missiles pods big or small.
    trinkets for inside the cockpit

    and trinkets to guns and sword, maybe.
    a big scythe, long swords and
    light machine gun
    assault rifle
    Sniper rifle*
    double wielding swords and guns, knives
    Laser weapons*

    Customize weapons would be A Great options aswell

    I'm not a huge fan of level lock item that is cosmetic, hopefully, these items can be found in-store\markets without it being too hard to find.

    jewelry from Treasure should give you special abilities or stats and can be sold at high prices

    And I think that's it... hopefully.

    this is my first post, so forgive me for Ungodly wall of text, as well as repeated words and mentioning typical things just want to Nail it down for clarifying means
    I do hope these make an entry into the game theses seem like very Cool ideas, in my opinion, they base on Ideas of Role Playing, but you guys and gals are the ones making this game, And you guys rock, keep up the Outstanding Work... Thank you.

    P.S: do anyone else think I missed something? I was trying very hard to very and very inclusive of ideas aiming for Steampunk and Today's fashion, but my mind is running at 100 miles per second at every direction, give me helpful criticism if anything.
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    I don't know if BGE 2 developers are at the "let's post some new things to keep the fans hype in momentum while we continue our work" state or actually the "we want more ideas" state. But either way, commenting our own opinions are fun. i have another idea well, not idea but rather request not related to this topic but I just wanna speak up about it now, seen by the developers or not, I absolutely hope the names won't be limited to Either "Only alphabets","Only alphabets and numbers","Only lowercase alphabets","Only Uppercase Alphabets" or "Must have at least one uppercase, one lowercase alphabet" and so on kind of naming system. This game has a big future, it might be big why not go with a "Big" Naming system too, hardly ever seen any good graphic, good game play, good everything kind of game to have naming limitless naming systems, ones with any character can be used, sure some can't be accepted and turn into squares ( best if they all work ), but changing the fonts and adding symbols makes the game cooler more or less. The fact people can use explicit words are the only issue, moderators would have a hard time figuring if they are actually explicit words. But maybe somehow get around this? or maybe BGE 2 could care less about explicit words used in names. That's all i have to say in this post, hopefully developers search through these comments and actually take the ideas . Good luck BGE 2, hope this game gets a big hit.
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    I generally do not spend much time on customizing my character at first. I will most likely choose a hybrid type and an outfit, and then start the game. I would add attributes to my character as I go.

    I definitely think there should be customizable outfits. There could be many different kinds of clothes, and we could define a key color and a secondary color to them. Then patches, stickers, etc, can be added to the clothes. Hairstyles, eyewear, headgear, tattoos and weapon holsters would be great to have. What if the clothes patches and animated tattoo technology was limited, so it would just show a few frames like an animated gif. Also, shaders could be applied to make the tattoos or body art shimmer and even glow in the dark.

    And we need a peg-leg of course!

    How about hover-boards and hover-skates, that will be another way to add personal mobility like the jetpack.
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    Will we be able to customize the interior of our mothership, if not make this a reality please, and change of hair textures or more hairstyle and beards for Africa American men. Playing games where customization is limited, is not the way to be truly your own person.

    Please make it so the voice acting is spot on. For example if I'm Mexican but speak English make it so I have a Mexican accent, if I'm Jamaican make it so I sound the part. Me personally I will be playing as a African American dude or black, so I wanna feel connected to my character with the way I dress, speak, and emotions. Shouldn't sound like a Caucasian male when I'm black. Plenty of games made me feel like my own unique character is truly not mine, I know you guys over at Ubisoft listen to your fans. Don't no other company reach out quite like you guys, so if someone over there see this please make my wish come true.
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