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    It would be awesome to control just how much of a hybrid your creature is, like playing with how much of their DNA is mixed. Also customizing body type while b be amazing, how tall/short/skinny/fat they are; even if they have an extra pair of arms or controlling how many fingers or toes they have.
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    Prosthetics would be amazing, especially since the cyberpunk genre is getting really popular lately!
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    Oooo.. I like the silver skin colour. Gold, and copper, glittery or partcially "blingy" skin is cool too. Me like shiny

    Customization in general, as much options as can fit in -is my say. I loooove customizations. I can spend 2+ hours easily on just that, its FUN.

    Having said that, I don't mind "boring" looks either. Normal stuff. It doesn't have to be as freaky as possible to be cool.However really long hair styles would be awesome. . I'm not much into tattoos, (unless it's shiny, glowing or something odd),.. but accessories would be nice.).

    Did I say I love customization? Sighs- I'm diggin' it.
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    For me personally I really like scars and features (marks, freckles etc) and the ability to decide how strong they are (like a density from 100% to 1%) and the ability to move scars and tattoos to a position where I want them too, like an XY-kinda thing, scaling feature and so on.

    layered clothing, like a shirt, pullover and jacket feature, different haircuts, sidecut, undercut, mohawk, fades u name it. and the ability to add any color to anything obviously, like hair, clothes, skin (for example older scars tend to have a lighter color and appear less red and so on), and I'm a really big fan of fishnets, don't blame me, but I'd love those in the outfit choices! ouo
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    Before I start I want to thank the developers on their hard work for this game the shark and girl concept art look ****!n dope. I’ll keep this short and simple I can vision myself creating a Lion who also has style of both street and samurai. Tatted up head to toe, plenty facial piercings. Wears a face mask with maybe a vintage T shirt and samurai bottoms and shoes. Calm and collective but strikes with no hesitation a perfect example and image of this is linked below.

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    I think destructible clothes would be nice. It would therefore make sense to go to the next hairdresser after a long journey and a big battle and to buy new clothes in the clothes shop. or even if you have no money wandering in his ruined outfit.
    There would be so many ingenious creation possibilities. please give us a huge freedom in things living area of ​​the ship and the creation and adaptation of our character
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    I love all the things everyone has suggested here already! Scars, different colors, prosthetics and different body parts were things that came into my mind as well! Though, I'm not sure if anybody mentioned it already, but I would love to have the possibility to have some 'disabilities' - like, missing limbs/fingers, having only one eye or even not being able to speak (because their tongue was ripped out) or so?
    Also, if there would be the possibilty to even add some patches to our clothes, it would be cool! Like, adding a fleet number, a band patch, a cool saying or just a piece of clothing to individualize our armor/jacket. Could be also used as some kind of tracker or so (which ship did I already destroyed, which tavern/bar have I already unlocked etc) and showcase it to other players!

    Then there are some minor things like jewelry, piercings and tattoos, which was already mentioned. And really tiny things like: Blood colour (giving some species blue blood (Crabpeople) or even purple or green blood?) eyes-discoloration (some people have a small area of different coloured Irises and it can be cool!), and 'unnatural' eye colors as well (I'm dying for purple coloured eyes). Also - don't do gender restrictions? Like, I can give a male character some female traits and vice versa? Could be some walking styles, grunting or moving while being hurt. Also - since we are a captain: Prefered species of pet? Some want a classic parrot, other maybe smaller robo monkey, while cyberpirates maybe have drones? If we could customize these (maybe with 4 or 5 options) it would be AMAZING. (If pets aren't a thing, maybe have a favourite weapon which can be customized? A spear, a sword, a dagger - something like this).

    Well, I got more ideas while typing �� Sorry if it's a bit messy, I'm really excited about this topic and I love these DEVS ASK SPACE MONKEYS Articles so much ��
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    I'm also into the though of how much you can mix between the 2 dna you chose but at its most simplest way which any game would have that regarding this feature is just a slider between 1 to 90 which only changes for example you chose a tiger and a shark 20% will make the feet of your char tiger feet and the rest looks likr a shark and if its 50% your hybrid will have 50/50 dna of the 2 species you chose but for a more enhanced version you will be able to choose body parts for instance you want a lion and rhino so for this you can select the hand and choose to either make it a rhino or a lion hand but for an advanced version which i have no idea how this could be done is that you can can make for example a shark character with patches of fur or a shark with left shark pupil while the other is a tigers pupil or a tiger with gills or shark with a tigers tail, infinite possibilities of combination, with this much detail it is nearly impossible to make the advance version of dna mix balancing a reality.
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    Yes hologram tattoos!!

    Indian feminity fashion is elegant. Flowers as hair ornaments, bangels and anklets to name a few. Hologram of it all would be cool.
    How about some tribes using some holograms as their symbols?(maybe to pay respect to the ancestors-ish). So it could vary from a shark's tribe head crown to some tribes having flickering/flying butterflies around their heads or their hand sticks.
    If some animals can grow huge fur, maybe some of them let them grow and then shave/cut only some of it as for some tattoos.
    Can humans have 3D moving tails?
    If some pigs have those teeth, maybe they fashion it up, maybe they use it as a corkscrew. And it'd be cool if hybrids uses their unique traits differently. As such, i can see a rhino working in a kitchen with a piece of meat fitted on his horn everyday and since he can't eat in the kitchen, he'd just put the meat every day over his nose and smell it and maybe lick it sometimes.

    Maybe some "lower" hybrids started using god's symbols as their 3d holograms(like the moving 2-2 hands hologram on themselves) and some people saw this as a disrespect or something and put a ban on it, so now it's only available in the black market(BM)
    Speaking of black market, maybe there's a cult for putting diwalite into the nervous system or maybe just nerves. In India, hands are considered almost divine. Mehendi on festivals, rings for astrology and hand rays for reading someone's "personality". So just like here, maybe some black market offers some diwalite chemicals that can let your hand('s lines) glow and reveal some treasure hints in the dark. So maybe there's a side quest where people don't want to talk about this forbidden chemical available in the BM that points to some treasures. Story could go where this BM seller chemically puts the diwalite in hand's nerves and then asks go to this ancient dark cave and to join your hands when you see the final "treasure". So the actual story could go where people eventually either give up by joining their hands too soon in the dark cave or when they finally reach the last parts, a test sort of comes up where you need minimum two people(basically four hands) to advance and then another hidden test comes up where in order to get out of the area you need to supposedly kill that partner with some weapon. So the twist would be that you're supposed to actually kill yourself and then both getting ported to another dark cave where when they join "each other" hands, it glows and reveals THIS cave's treasure.

    Also interesting to see the Primera concept. I hope that during the initiation, she behaves like this sorting hat and sees the hybrid's tutorial and choices picked up so far and says something about it.
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    Given they have all this DNA, limited as it is looking at the possibilities perhaps they could mix and match it as well.

    Still I like many forms of customisation. Especially with characters. Clothing options, body types to choose the build of said character since such things can be influenced by diet and exercise to some extent as well as experiences through their lives. Prosthetics are just amazing and should be in more sci-fi stuff. Heck if a Hybrid had a taile that got cut in half or removed entirely perhaps they'd want a cybernetic replacement. Still... I think clothing should be customisable as far as colour goes as well and styles. Love me some cloth physics as well so trench coats would be fairly cool.

    A wide range of hybrids and so on... weapon customisation. Yeah these are the things that'd make pirates truly unique and stand out from others I think. Even with the same DNA or similar. We've already seen they mess a LOT with some DNA to produce those pet Pig hybrid slaves.

    Of course all the options listed I find important. Tattoo's, scars, clothing both cultural and simply for style, jet pack styles and modifications.

    I LOVE the look at that shark and his facial tattoos as well. Tattoos like that are something that just screams awesome. Heck maybe tattoos are something you can get at times when you feel your pirate has earned them at an outfitters/pirate tattooist.
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