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    Ponytails and Samurai

    Hello team, don't forget to create a ponytail hairstyle for male in BGE2, a ponytail like Midas characters on Ghost Recon or like the actor Steven Seagal... Please really don't forget think it please, and the most big request is a fully customizable Samurai armor and clothing and with the real Jikatabi ninja boots customizable and don't forget the Katana Samurai customizable too and many Japanese traditional tattoo for the torso and the back and the arms seriously that can be just really awesome!!!
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    Character species

    For my character customization in bge2, I would like the most diversity of animals, ethnics races and clothing parts hairstyles etc. from cultures all over the world possible. I also love the idea of augmented body parts like a metal cybernetic arm. For those parts I would love if we could upgrade or modify theme in the game because it is not flesh so it is more malleable. Next, I think that was announced but it would be great to be able to choose the shape of our character, like if he is tall or fat etc. For the clothing, it would be cool to have different type of vest or shirts or even jetpacks and that we could choose also the colour and patterns we want to put on them. Old space suit as clothing would be nice as well. I also want for some jetpacks to have integrated capes, nonflammable obviously. I think it could be really nice. For the human or hybrids the “patterns” would be tattoos,scars, etc. and colour, the skin colour. Finally, Like many others, I hope we will have a unique gameplay experience depending on how our character looks. For the ships, I think it’s a must to have escape pods for every ship that needs one( dog fighters(more like ejectable seats), mother ships( this would be more normal escape pods), etc.). I’m sure their will be customization for outside the ships but for the mother ships, because we can go inside, I would really like to have interior customization. Finally, if we could customize our weapons it could be nice too. And about that I wish we will be able to buy with the game money other weapons like another sword, a knife, a mini gun and plenty others. After all, we play pirates don’t we?! Also it would be really nice to be able to integrate, as an example, a laser assault rifle in our cybernetic arm. Oh and I don’t want any micro transactions for anything, including customization if possible and no online subscription needed to play the full game please. I don’t like the idea of clothing to look like character from other games any more.

    P.S. A human black panther and a human crocodile would really be nice as hybrids. Also, does anyone think it’s a good idea to have chimeras as hybrids?
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    True Customization may be unreachable

    Of course many people want full customization. Some players spending hours on just their characters appearance giving them individuality which is awesome, but individuality also has to come with the experience that is happening. Yes my character is customizable, but will my experience be different than everyone else's? What stories will I be able to have that are unique to only my character. Would love to see more games with experiences like DayZ and Sea Of Thieves, but with less repetition and more individuality, indulgence and emotions. Very very excited for this game! Glad I found the active forum as well to keep up on the news!
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    Multiple hybrid species
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