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    Space Monkey Program: The Road Ahead

    Hello Space Monkeys!

    Over the past three years, we’ve been striving to provide you with the latest news and insight into the development of Beyond Good and Evil 2. From getting your feedback and inspiration via blog articles, to livestreaming our Space Monkey Report dev updates, to getting a chance to meet some of our Space Monkeys in person at events, we have truly cherished these moments to be able to interact with BGE’s biggest fans!

    As we announced last year, we are currently concentrating on core development and production milestones, so rest assured that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is well underway.

    Read full article here.
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    Didnt know BG&E2 was still a thing??

    I thought the UBI event was going to have something on Beyond Good and Evil 2 but didnt so I thought it might have been cancelled, I wonder how many people dont know its still going? Beyond Good and Evil 2 is my most anticipated game next to Cyberpunk 2077. I really want this game and since you have been working on it for over 7 years now I hope that means its huge beautiful and a lot to do with a truly open-world experience. I am still in shock that you can put out a Far Cry 6 so quick with a simple video when Beyond Good and Evil 2 will be your biggest game just like Cyberpunk 2077 is to CD Project Red. Pity you as a company dont see it.
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    Take all the time you need,While people can be impatient and strangely not understand that time is needed for games such as this,This is such a big ambitious game and with each update I cant help but get excited about the feelings this game already gives.

    When I was a young lad I was really into Treasure Planet,It was and still is now im much older a huge inspiration,And while BGE 1 is amazing,Every reveal so far has made me go all sparkle eyed and re-kindle those feelings,Hype and inspiration!

    Cannot wait to see what your planning next!

    And the announcement last night from netflix,Has me just even more excited for what your beautiful talent has been cooking up!.
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    I'm still amazed by the Netflix announcement. This is an underdog game compared to juggernauts like AC or Far Cry, so I wouldnt expect this to be chosen for a movie. I guess we'll see... Maybe they got a good idea on their minds...
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