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    Michel Ancel retires from the video game industry

    Hi Everyone,

    Earlier today the renowned creator of Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil announced his retirement from the video game industry via his Instagram account to focus on personal projects.

    You can read more on what this means for the future development of Beyond Good & Evil 2 over on the Ubisoft Blog
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    I just read about. And I'm happy for him. Michel has given us an amazing game in Beyond Good & Evil and nothing will ever take that away.

    I went off Beyond Good & Evil 2 as soon as it became online only. The only good thing about it would have been Ancel's involvement. They just didn't give him the creative freedom to create his baby. To put it bluntly, Ubisoft have ruined this game.
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    I am very sad, he was finally working on Beyond Good and Evil 2, after all the problems on the development started many years ago, and now he can't finished probably his most important game...
    There are also new projects in which it needs his vision and passion, for example Rayman 4 or Beyond Good and Evil 3

    I wish him the best, expecially for his new project in the wild nature.
    I hope that maybe a day we will see him with a new game, created by a very small team like his first games, and it will be special

    I am sure that both Beyond Good and Evil 2 team and Wild team are incredibly talented and the games will be great
    So, I will wait next year for a big update on BG&E2, keep up the good work, team!!!
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    I am with you Soulid. I waited for years for the sequel, but the story making the animal people victims and the online focus made me give up.
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