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    Beyond Good & Evil (Wants)

    Watch dogs and assassins creed are my favorite ubisoft franchises and I still play them all, particularly AC4 and Watch dogs 2 a major issue i have with ubisoft open worlds games are the lack of NPCs (make more npcs) , and interactions with them, make them more independent and purposeful. With a whole galaxy as a playground, their should be players and NPCs throughout the whole game, and encounters should be different from previous encounters on other planets for example Red dead redemption 2 complexity to encounters and interactions with NPCs and players, implementing hobbies and jobs for NPCs throughout the galaxies will make for interesting encounters

    Fishing, hunting, drinking, games, touring, eating and resting to restore vitality and abilities pirate shanties and celebrating with the crew and more.... Would give the beautiful environments Identity and a voice so us as the consumer and supporter to get more immersed In the vast BGE2 universe

    Better fighting mechanics like tougher enemies, finishers lethal and non lethal
    (Like watch dogs legion or AC4 non weapon take downs)

    Loyalty or relationship meter on your crew different characters actions and emotion within the crew independence for crew members ( give them something to do) beside sit on the mothership. Let them have real contributions like making money opportunities and discoveries while your exploring.

    (Dialogue through cutscene and emotes)

    Online Players should be able to talk in cutscenes via scripted dialogue based on their position in the cutscenes if their are co op/multiplayer cutscenes

    Pre recorded voice emotes and hand gestures like Watch dogs 2

    A variety of voice options pitches and pirate accents to choose from

    (Hair and body)

    A variety of hair and beard designs and textures

    Different body types and features for playable characters and NPCs
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    The thing that I want from Beyond Good and Evil is to Separate Single Player gameplay with Multiplayer gameplay.

    I think they have to learn from the competition.

    The best way to implement an online game is the way Rockstar has implemented it in Red Dead Redemption 2.
    It has a clear distinction between Single-player and Online mode which is Red Dead Online.
    The Single player never gets any kind of distractions to join the online gameplay, in fact, you can complete the whole single-player game without a single interrupt/reminder from Rockstar to join Online.

    That is what Beyond Good and Evil 2 should strive for.
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