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    The iWearMonitor software is another component that monitors what games you are running and enables the head tracking driver as needed. The iWearMonitor currently only supports a handful of titles, although the ones supported are popular: World of Warcraft, Second Life, Half-Life 2 Deathmatch, Unreal Tournament 2004, Quake 4, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Lock On and IL2 Sturmovik.

    Yep you can get a VR920 (includes head tracking) for 400$ or a AV920 (without headtracking) for 350$....

    Read on here http://www.tomsgames.com/us/2008/02/12/vuzix_review/

    Because the head tracking capabalities of the VR920 are so so... I would go for a AV920 and still use my TrackIR4

    I think I will give it a go... how can you go wrong at 350$.... my 24" monitor cost more than that....
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    Interesting! Let us know how you get on with it!
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    The reviewer said the views looked 'jittery' with the 2 flight sims he tried it on, so good luck.

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    I saw that... that is why I'm looking into using a AV920 (and not the VR920) in combination with my TrackIR 4.

    It says in the review that the motion tracking causes the "jitters"...

    Also I'm not a big fan of 3D... but I will surely give it a go... and at 350$

    I'm waiting on the response from the company rep... on the possible use of my Track IR with it... if I can do it... I'll order it this afternoon...
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    Hmmm.. the res of the 920 is (two) 640x480. I think I'd want to test first with a 62" screen at 9 feet first to see how good IL2 looks at that resolution!
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    I'd be interested in hearing if this is any good or not. if you do order it, please come back and let us know what happens
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    If something like this came out with a higher resolution I would be all over it. But who knows,, maybe it looks aright. Keep us posted on this please if you make the purchase.
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    This unit has a 32 degree field of view, which most probably is measured across the diagonal. At any rate, it's about the same apparent screen size as is typical for desktop screen setups.

    The reviewer mentioned that the resolution was surprisingly better looking than expected. This is most likely because a separate monitor is used by each eye, and the merged image in the brain will appear to be sharper.


    An idea which flitted across my neurons a while ago was this... Make a head mounted display using a pair of 1024x768 back-lit screens, mated to 80-degree apparent field of view telescope eyepiece optics. Used in conjunction with a suitably profiled TrackIR setup (to at least closely match head position with view direction), it would make a nifty virtual reality kit which would not cost as much as a Lamborghini. I'd guess the cost for a tinkerer might be in the range of $2,000?? (I'd have to cost the displays and their driver electronics. The pair of eyepieces can be had for about $160)
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    I have a friend who bought iGlasses back in the 90's and they were great. Picture a 50" TV
    only 4 feet from your face no matter which way your head is turned. Watch TV while lying
    face down on the couch, no neck crick from trying to keep the screen in view.
    He ran his PC TV-out through it and was able to use winblows, you can look under the screen
    and see your keyboard easily. It didn't mess with my eyes and the picture looks real big,
    my 19" monitor at less than 2 feet view would fit inside easily.

    For 'only' $999 they have 800x600 PC/SVGA version. It would need TIR or Freelook or Cam2Pan
    but that's not a big stretch after forking out a Grand, is it?

    How many more years before they have something that just plugs right into your brain via some
    kind of Johnny Mnemonic jack? Cause then we'd get G-forces, you betcha!
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    Originally posted by M_Gunz:
    ...How many more years before they have something that just plugs right into your brain via some
    kind of Johnny Mnemonic jack? Cause then we'd get G-forces, you betcha!

    Matrix-style, I like it. Then we could all simply request the abilities of some of the greats to fly our little virtual aircraft around.

    But then it would be more the plane and NOT the pilot because we would all be the same pilot wouldn't we?
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