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    Intel skills

    How about adding skills that generate intel faster and/or increase storage like the treasury? Those guys with two skills would be perfect!
    Yes, I'm looking at you, Mateo...
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    No such thing as too much intel

    I agree, would love to boost intel!

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    Yes please

    Yes, with Region 5 requiring more Intel, it only seems right to give 'something' to help that problem. Maybe the beta players dont need it with all Legends at 5star. But trying to collect DNA and rare material is an impossible feat.
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    LMFAO. You think they have beta.... How cute.. Not a rip on you my friend. Do you think black boxes and crashes would happen after 3 mos beta... NOPE!

    No one has Altair 5s now unless hacking. Ezio was just unlocked for DNA!!!

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    He refers to the beta before the release on November 21st 2018, through which these players spent more time in the game to farm the low drop rate legendaries in region 4.

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    Originally Posted by blocka_vii Go to original post
    I agree, would love to boost intel!
    Animus Challenges now have Intel in the rewards
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