Ray is essentially right in all his technical assesments. Trim in Sturmovik 1.2 works exactly the same as in FB except for speed of application. You can get around the speed of application thing by recalibrating your joystick pitch axis with the center position offset. Trim does not in FB and did not in IL2 allow you to exceed maximum control deflection (though it was graphically represented that way because the trim tabs aren't articulated on the 3D model).

What trim does allow you to do (and is supposed to do) is adjust the zero control force balance point for the controls. There are two ways to deflect conrol surfaces, by pilot input or by trim tab input. At high speed, pilots are not strong enough to deflect the control surfaces all the way to the stop, the pressure of the airflow pushing to controls back to center is too much. Add some trim and the controls can be deflected a little further, giving better turns at high speed. This also allows the pilot to adjust for steady climb/descent/level flight without high control loads at different speeds.

I don't know where the comments about fast trim on the PZL P.11 come from, I flew it last night and the trim works just as slow as all the other aircraft. Maybe it just doesn't need much trim input due to the low speeds [img]/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-wink.gif[/img] .

While there is clearly some dispute about which method (instant response or delayed response) plays better or more closely resembles real life, Oleg has firmly stated that he will not be changing the implementation in FB. That being the case, this discussion is closed due to all the name calling.

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