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    I can't move in the game! I am very depressed.

    In the game I can only use the switch weapon, "~" button, and "esc" button. Even if I pressed the move button or the shift button, I was still stupid and standing still, but I can see that my energy bar is shrinking. I only have a mouse and keyboard on my computer. I hope the official can solve this frustrating problem as soon as possible! (I don't have a VR device, but I really want to play this game!)
    Thank you very much! I hope this game is getting better and better.
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    There is another post about this that a dev responded to so hopefully it will get solved before the Beta period is over, I've been having the same problems I was absolutely giddy to try the game without VR and then I boot it up and just float there...real fun
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    Now we can only hope that he will solve it as soon as possible.
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    Hey folks,

    I do apologise that no response was provided in this thread regarding your issue of being unable to move within the Space Junkies non-VR Open Beta.

    Were you able to enjoy the Beta as intended before it ended, or did this issue persist for you? If you have since purchased the game, or have played it in a non-VR mode, do you see the issue persisting still?

    Thank you for taking the time to post on the forums during the Beta.
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