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    Introducing Rocksmith Advanced Exercises, Vol 1

    Hello again, Rocksmith fans! The final set of exercises for Volume 1 of our exercises arrives this week: Rocksmith Advanced Exercises, Vol 1. These packs originated with years-old community requests for more educational content including a focus on techniques and drills—and we have been extremely happy with the response from you, the players!

    Next week, on July 29th, Rocksmith Advanced Exercises, Vol 1. releases for all platforms. Notetracker and Rocksmith Exercise creator Greg Studley utilizes his expertise as a music educator and author in a pack that tests your mastery of the techniques included in the two previous packs in the series.

    With Rocksmith Advanced Exercises, Vol 1, each of the five exercises are available for guitar and bass, and the pack will again be available at the special price of $4.99 USD.
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    Excellent. Volume 1, maybe means Volume 2 will be forthcoming. Looking forward to try these.
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    I look forward to checking this one out. How was the variety of exercises between the Beginner and Intermediate ones?
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    Not for Xbox 360?

    I bought this on my PC as I have had issues with purchasing directly from my Xbox 360, which I use exclusively for Rocksmith (I also have an Xbox One which I use for other games). I have subsequently been unable to download it to the 360 and investigation has shown that the minimum spec for the exercises is Xbox One. Is this correct? I can see the exercises for purchase in the store on the 360,but it is not listing it as being ready for download, which it should be as I have already paid for it.
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    Thank you very much for adding more exercises. Rocksmith can still be improved far more in the learning resources aspects than in the music database which i find already astounding. Specially regarding finger position and transitions, or scales learning. My opinion is rocksmith has what bot a total begginer and an expert guitar player need. But is somewhat shallow in the midddle when you get intermmediate. Also is good to see ubisoft rocksmith team honor rockmith users request of practice exercises.
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