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    Grapple points

    Tried to play a new map today called Avalanche 3 by darian_arnette on my PS4 but it starts off with you having to grapple your way up a snow cliff to get to the shooting. Trouble is, when I look up at the grapple points they've all got a little red padlock with a cross in the middle of it. Thus making it impossible to even start the map properly.

    So I loaded it up into the editor to see if I was missing something, but no, it was just the same when you select 'Play'. However, when you pick 'Explore' all the grapple points are available again.

    Is this a known glitch with some levels created on another platform, say? I've seen locked grapple points before in levels but it was never a game stopping problem, but on this map it certainly is.

    Also, and unrelated, I played another level today called GoldenEye Train by Loopyfun369 & tanek (but labelled as by MapSwapper) and at a certain point in the map it's supposed to teleport you to the end game, but it simply doesn't trigger, so again I loaded it up into the Editor and rewrote the script and could finally finish the level, albeit playing from within the Editor. It's just a shame that there isn't an easy way to let the author know of the problem. It may well work on his system for all I know, it just doesn't on my PS4 as it stands.
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    Ok the red crosses are due to loadout which is why the grapple hook can't be used.
    When you go into weapon load-out then GEAR you can tick / untick if you want the load-out to have the option to use Wingsuit / Parachute / Grapple / Repair Torch / Binoculars
    So having Grapple un-ticked means it's not possible to use so the red crosses show at all grapple points, you have up to 4 load-outs and can make them all different or disable some, also in multiplayer both teams can have different load-outs.

    As for the GoldenEye Train map I ported it to PS4 from XB1 via Steve Botters mapswapper tool, didn't get chance to play it but maybe there are some occasions where a script could be altered / damaged as others have mentioned things in the past, luckily it does not happen very often, thank you for posting this I will look at re-porting and checking next time.
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    Ah, the grapple thing makes sense. It never occurred to me that someone would create a map that relied upon the grapple hook and then create a load-out without it. Presumably a mistake on their part?

    EDIT: Yup, just gone and checked it - three of the four load-outs have the Grapple, the one I picked, as it has an SA-50, has a Repair Torch instead of a Grapple Hook.

    As for the Train map I simply changed a trigger point for a Trigger Volume (sized to fit the space) and then it worked as intended (or at least how I presume it was intended).
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