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    Old Habits Trophy Not Unlocking


    I have a game started early 2019 which I have been working through. Currently on 76hrs at 96% with Trophies.
    1 that is proving difficult is "Old Habits" I have no uncompleted locations, manually checked using online spreadsheet and also using map legend for "uncompleted locations".

    Im seriously stuck now? As I only started playing earlier this year am I to assume correctly that the Aya bug has already been patched? Dont really want to start again

    Story complete, all side missions now complete (tally says 128), not done the arena's but i believe that isnt required.

    Any help is appreciated, bar this its a brilliant game I've been thoroughly hooked and would only need to kill 30 people with fire arrows at jars to top this off.

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    Hi m4nwell1987! This was a previously reported issue, but it should have been fixed in a previous update. Have you tried manually syncing your trophies?
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