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    just played a match against non vr players while in vr

    a completely new player joined our game and got 14 kills while not being able to get hit at all because of his fast movement, crossplay will completely unbalance and ruin the game. i know it's not active and you're not getting any forum posts. but for the tiny community that still enjoys this game, please don't enable crossplay. not playing tomorrow either. there's just no way to beat someone with a mouse and keyboard
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    I was just trying out the PC beta but I'm not good at aiming. I wondered how different it was in VR. Like Controller vs Mouse I imagine is pretty stark difference but I don't know what the VR controls are actually like.

    But I imagine the PC people who are great at aiming would be pretty hard to deal with anyway. This game is much slower then something like quake champions.
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