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    Sound distorts after an hour

    I am having problems with the sound completely distorting on me when I play for more than an hour in non stop play. Usually it always happens by the hour and a half mark of playing but it literally happens every single time I play. It will go into the song as normal but now the sound from the guitar is really badly distorted and has a bad buzz to it. The only way to fix is to quit the game and restart. Which wouldn't be a big problem except it takes a good 10 minutes to get back to where I was, with all the enumerating. I don't see this issue discussed a lot so maybe there is a fix out there. I have had this problem for as long as I can remember but can never seem to find a remedy.

    And since I'm asking a question has anyone had issues with the finish one more song achievement. When I play and it gets to finish one more song, it doesn't actually let me finish one more song it only lets me back out and quit. so I've never been able to get this achievement.
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    Which platform are you on? I used to have this problem on my old laptop, but I haven't had it since. Not really an easy fix, but it might be hardware problems.
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    Xbox one
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    Originally Posted by stugotz17 Go to original post
    Xbox one
    So literally no one else has this issue? No one has any idea if its something on my end?

    Could one of the support staff maybe do me a favor and if you own the game could you try next time you play to just let it fly in non stop play mode for a couple hours to see if you run into the problem?

    Thanks if anyone tries for me.
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    Is it all the audio that distorting or just the audio from your guitar?
    Are you using HDMI for audio or Optical?

    Let me know your setup and I set mine up the same and test it.

    Check your audio settings in the Xbox Settings app.
    Set the one you are using to Stereo Uncompressed and the other one to off.
    If using headphones connected to controller set that to Stereo Uncompressed as well.

    I normally play through headphones with this setup and haven't had this issue.
    Run a 6 or 8 foot usb micro cable to your controller and plug in headphones.
    Usb cable makes the controller act as wired and not use wireless.
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    This is actually a fairly well known issue. It can happen anywhere, but most of the time after I've played non-stop play for over an hour or so. I just restart the game.
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    Did you manage to resolve this issue?
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