Greetings Riders!

We've been keeping our eyes on your creations for the last few weeks and this week you definitely did not disappoint. Find below our absolute favorites from that last 7 days!

Doc's Picks:

Track: Inferno III
Created by: Exotic_Player
Mode: Trials
Difficulty: Extreme

It’s no secret, I missed out on some of the earlier Trials games before joining the Ubisoft family and I feel like missed on some great games. Luckily though, we have members of the community recreating these tracks in Track Central. This time around, it’s Inferno III by Exotic_Player. This recreation of the Trials Evolution tracks will push you to your limits, or if you are a veteran looking for that nostalgia trip, this may just scratch that itch.

Track: [DD] Trials Mashup
Created by: Devils_Demon
Mode: Trials
Difficulty: Medium

Devils_Demon seamlessly blends multiple tracks for both Trials Rising and Trials Fusion. This high-speed line is great fun to ride through, but maybe on the first run, go slow and take in the sights. How many tracks can you recognize?

Keeba's Pick:

Track: [elC] Wyvern
Created by: elCamsterino
Mode: Trials
Difficulty: Hard

This track was the best mix of disturbing and fun I've ever come across. Almost every time you fault you're in for a treat, which made fails fun instead of frustrating. You can really see the incredibly hard work that went into this track. Bravo!

Did you find anything we missed? Let us know in the comments below!