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    We will need CO-OP to Far Cry Primal!!!

    I have played Far Cry Primal for a while now! And the game is absolutely amazing, still no CO-OP mode
    How about we all somehow manage to get that game mode to Far Cry Primal!!! Plzzzz i really want that!!! Far Cry Primal would be soooooo much more awesome and i want also more dlc!!! Plzzzz ubisoft i really really want that!!! Or atleast update the game plz ubisoft, i am begging for you guyzzzz!!! please!
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    I was really bummed Primal didn't have Co-op. It would have been really fun even if you didn't get an animal friend during co-op.
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    You won't be playing with anyone other than tigers, wolves, and whatever beasts are in Far Cry Primal. Community manager Jason Paradise ...
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