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    Just Dance on Switch-doesnt login and jumps around on controller

    We can not login in. keeps saying our email is invalid. Which it clearly works, cause we are logged in to ask this question. I see complaints about it but they are old. Have you all not fixed this yet? we only have like 10 songs?
    Also our controllers jump around and it' impossible to get to the right song. Is there an adjustment section in the game. need to check if it's a crazy controllers set. But it only happens on this game.
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    Hi Epizzle08! Thanks for reaching out. I am sorry to hear about your account issues. I do not see your Nintendo account currently linked to this Ubisoft account. It is possible you may have previously linked it to a different account. We have this FAQ on how to properly link your Switch account to your Ubisoft account. If you were able to log in on your Switch previously, please reach out to the Support Facebook or Twitter page with your Nintendo ID.
    If you have not been able to log into your Switch at all, we strongly encourage these Switch steps.
    As for the controllers, I'd recommend re-calibrating your Joy Cons in the Switch settings. I'd also suggest the Switch steps I mentioned earlier for this issue as well.
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