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    Empty online rooms error out at 96%

    Can't start any empty ubisoft mini track rooms or any others. It says ERROR.

    Please fix!

    So many people online but forced to run long tracks instead of mini various. Making people not come online anymore.

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    Did you try to join several rooms? Which ones did you try to join and what is your internet connection?


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    As a professional network engineer

    Yes I did. I tried multiple rooms that were empty They typically error out at 96%. I was able to start my own room and launch without problem, and have noticed other people have as well.

    I am positive this is not only affecting me since I know for a fact most people prefer to race on the Ubisoft Mini tracks. None of those Ubisoft Mini rooms are running currently, and the ONLY reason for this is that people cannot get them to launch. If you go into the online racing lobby, you will notice there are nothing but custom rooms created right now.

    This is on Playstation 4, and without the Ubisoft tracks, the game gets a bit boring since all the other tracks are very fast, and I can only tolerate the screen-blur like that for so long

    I'm #1 in Oregon, #41 in the US, and I'm hoping I can keep moving forward on my mission for Trackmania Turbo dominance.


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    We fixed this issue. Could you please confirm if this works well from your side?


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    confirmed the ubisoft mini rooms work again. thanks a bunch!

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    H, i am the same problem.
    i block at 96%.
    but I only have access to the ubisoft nadeo mini lounge and nothing else.
    I can not access the private room that create my friends.

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    I have the same problem on PS4
    Loading the online room crashes at 96%

    Tried changing various DNS, deleted and installed the game... Notting changes...

    When do you fix It?

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    Hello. It's happening again I haven't been as active on Trackmania Turbo lately, but I see the UbiSoft Mini Various tracks no longer load again just like previously in my original posts. Any way this can be fixed again?


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    The same problem as described above.
    Me and a friend of mine, we meet on sundays via ps4.
    Everyone has its own online tracks selected and we try to meet us online in our rooms.
    But while joining it freezes at 97%.
    We've used that game for the last years and everything worked fine, ok sometimes it got stuck on 42% waiting for masterserver with a very slow progress bar.

    All necessary ports are open and we are using fibre channel connections.

    So we should be pleased, if you can make it possible to run the game further more.

    Kind regards

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    Now online racing doesn’t work at all. Every single room has a lock on it. If you try to join any of them I can’t because they have a password. I think someone hijacked the online racing.