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    No one plays mercenaries on ps4 anymore. How am I supposed to get the lone wolf outfit? Please put it back in game!!!
    AGREED. Make the lone wolf outfit available as mercenaries mode is DEAD. Thanks.
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    Hell yeah! It is impossible to find a single mercenaries game and "Lone Wolf" is a great costume. Please make it available in an another way, Ubisoft! We believe in you!

    Side note: I ducking love this game. It is the single game I have ever participated in the closed beta and been following & playing it since. Right now I have 120+ hours on Steam and the experience is still unmatched. So "Lone Wolf" costume is the only favor I ask from you Ubisoft. Please make it happen!

    Update: I have finally got to play this mod yesterday and was able to unlock the "Lone Wolf" costume. This mod is great and to be honest I can't understand why it have died so fast. By the way here is a discord dedicated to finding other Ghosts on different platforms in order to play the mod:


    Make sure you check it out!
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