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    For all the bugs (like the annoying one where it automatically fires your jets at the start), there hasn't been any discussion of tips here. So, here's some.

    1) Use your jets for soft landings, not big leaps
    2) Land on your front wheels; they take off less ore than hitting on back wheels
    3) Butt slides reduce much loss of ore
    4) Go very slow. That 10% chance of 12 more gems isn't worth losing 20 gems in the track.

    Sample video where I did a few of these things. Butt slide, soft landing, hard landing on front wheel. But that last hill screwed me up I should've just flew over and into the finish.

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    Event end?

    When does the event end?

    Ingame it says 3 days
    Special offer ends in 1 day
    Just got a notification for the last 24h of the event?
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    Lack of winnings?

    The event ended but I didn’t get my extra track for being top 5%, it didn’t even give me a notification giving me an overall breakdown.
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    Me too: top 1% but no event summary and no extra track
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