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    Originally Posted by Bobbyboil Go to original post
    So by beating me you ride up the legend table do you?
    Yeah, it's all about winning streak.
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    Originally Posted by Bobbyboil Go to original post
    But you didn't you were at number 3, you beat me, and you're still at number 3 so you achieved nothing.

    Anyway I've done it now, some players helped and some I won
    If I lost I would be 10th or something and need super long winning streak again. Please stop whining, its PvP and that's it.
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    Let's Ask the forum then.

    When you reach the legends table, Is it more important to you to be

    1) number 1 of the legends?

    or is it more important to you to be

    2) a nice player and help other players?

    My answer is 2.
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    3) Whine because ppl don't give you free wins.
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    That really made me laugh.

    You really have missed the point haven't you.

    Race and win until you get to legend, acceptable, but once you are there what is wrong with helping other players get there?

    Oh btw, 48 hours later and you are still number 3? No wins?
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    What's wrong trying to be in top? Other players win all the time too so ofcourse im 3rd, so what?
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    My answer is 1)
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    Ok, let's agree to disagree.

    I started this thread being positive and thanking other riders, that's all I wanted to do.
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    Seen so many of these topics over the years....from the day the Bunker was added, this has been the way it has been; 2 different approaches to Legends.

    Never gonna change, and both of them are valid points of view. Unfortunately, not everyone is empathetic enough to see both sides.

    The hardcore competitive guys are always gonna say some form of:
    - If you want Legends, then Git Gud". Deal with it.
    - This is supposed to be a competition between players.
    - Every loss matters to ME, even in Legends.
    - There is no such thing as player etIquette; there is only the rules of the game.

    The more casual players often tend to think:
    - All that the game really takes note of is making Legends. Who cares abut being Legends #1?
    - If RL truly wanted us to care about Legends#1, they would record/reward it.
    - I feel like its "me/us vs the game" instead of "me vs you". So I am glad to help others make Legends once I make it.
    - Personally I get more game enjoyment helping others than I do from beating them. Maybe you would too if you tried.

    > Ok, let's agree to disagree.
    > I started this thread being positive and thanking other riders, that's all I wanted to do.

    For what its worth, I like what you did here! I got great enjoyment helping others make Legends, back in the days when I bothered to play PVP. But in its own way PVP is an endless grind (made more pointless by RLs implementation), and I stopped doing it to do other things I got more enjoyment from.

    I suspect these days the Legends folks are more PVP than casual.
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    IMO being legend rank 1 doesn't really mean anything, mainly because half of your opponents are also legends and they don't really try as hard as they would normally to win. And I do think it's nice to let your fellow riders of the community get in as well, so they can win the prizes too. You can do what you want, no one is telling anyone how to play the game, but to me it means nothing.
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