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    The main problem is not myths and legends but historical truthfulness. Catch the spirit of the age. With its Minuses!
    To demontsrate not only -"Wow! How beautiful!" But dark sides as well.

    Dark Side is even more important.

    For instance, Middle Ages itself was one of the worst time to live in. Religious wars, exploitation, epidemics.....
    To embellish that time, show it only as the time of noble knights and beautiful duchesses would be wrong.

    Making from the game and epoch one big and beautiful Fairy Tale would be wrong.
    Making it one big Horror and Dirt also would be wrong.
    A reliable middle ground must be found. Truthful ground. And one thing should be kept in mind - Paradise for some is always built on Hell for others.

    History itself is one big genocide against humanity. Wars, wars....respite....and wars again.
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    -How important is historical accuracy in AC to you?

    It is one of the main factors that has kept me with the series. I have a great deal of respect for the franchise treatment of culture and history, in particular.

    -Has AC inspired you to learn more about certain historical events or time periods?

    Yes, absolutely. It has stoked several small passion projects in researching both the tangible and intangible aspects of societies throughout our shared global history.

    -In your opinion, does gameplay trump historical accuracy? E.g. adding in buildings or characters that are technically anachronistic for the sake of enhancing the experience?

    As long as it is done so in a way that continues to be respectful and purposeful, I would say yes, with the caveat that it is expressed in any notations regarding the building or character in question the true history of said character or building. However, I would say that cultural history should always be treated as center-stage.

    -Would you prefer AC explore time periods from a more historically accurate perspective or veer closer to mythology?

    I am of the opinion that mythology is integral to being historically accurate. One could no more separate Greece from the Pantheon than Paris from the tower Eiffel. The topics of faith, myth and legend are topics that should be treated with care, but never avoided. Humanity has many gods, many beliefs, and each of them has a place in our history, for better or worse.

    -Do you enjoy the Discovery Tours? Why or why not?

    I cannot express adequately the degree to which I love the Discovery Tours. To call it anything less than "A love letter to our shared humanity" would fail to capture what it is that was given to us.

    The Discovery Tours, in delivery and tone capture well the enthusiasm and love the team has for the project, and give the audience something closer to an interactive documentary than a trip to the library.

    -Which do you prefer as a tool for learning about history, Discovery Tours or the database entries in older ACs?

    I greatly prefer the Discovery Tours, but I would mourn the complete loss of database entries. I believe both have their rightful place, and should work in tandem to pass on the beauty of the historical and cultural settings we are given the means to explore.

    -Would you ever be open to an AC game that takes place outside of history, e.g. completely in Modern Day or during the Isu reign?

    I would be open to it, but I don't believe my heart would be in it the same way, and I don't believe it would truly feel like an Assassin's Creed experience. I understand that there is probably a lot of meat on the bone from a story-boarding and franchise lore perspective, but personally don't know if I could feel as invested in the experience as I have in others.
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