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    question about the war missions


    Is there any way to check the level of the soldiers involved in a war before you enter the war?
    last one i tried i could barely make a dent in the other soldiers, retried the battle a couple of times before giving up since it was even harder to defeat a soldier then it was to defeat that giant boar! then i decided on passing on one later while travelling through an area since the guys in the fortress where already level 34 with me on level 21. figured the war might be to high level for me 2.

    So did i miss a little numbers notation where i can see before battle how high level the opponents will be?
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    You can get a rough idea based on the level of the area as well as difficulty and scaling .... I'll assume you are using normal difficulty and scaling and at below the level of an area .... Let's take Lakonia as an example, it has a level of 32 - 36 ...... Most of the regular NPCs will start at 32, Elites like captains and strategos will mostly be 34 and likely the only 36 will be the Kings

    Now if you go in at say level 36 then most of the NPCs will be level 34 and Elites and the King will be 36 ..... If you go in at level 40 then the regular NPCs will mostly 38 but some will be level 40 and so will the Elites and Kings

    You definitely don't want to do anything more than 2 levels above you except maybe a Merc **if** you can ambush him with a bow from a spot you can avoid taking any damage ..... Someone 3 levels above will kill you in 1 or 2 blows or arrows .... someone 4 or more can one shot kill you while you'll barely deal out any damage

    Gaining levels isn't really that hard if you diligently go after the Cultists as soon as you reach their level and grab every Legendary (gold) contract you find on the message boards because you'll complete them and get large amounts of XP just playing the game and if you don't there is no penalty other than some extra entries in your quest log .... Another way to gain extra XP is use your bow and learn to do headshot kills especially in forts where you can pick up XP from 20 NPCs or kill 3 people with a bow in under 30 seconds without get hit back which also gets you bonus XP... Forts are also a good way to complete legendary contracts without even trying .... You also get headshot XP killing predators with a bow plus it builds up adrenaline
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    thank you longjohn, this made everything clear at once, figured those numbers had something to do with nation strength but nothing so obvious as commoner and champion levels... it is also quite remarkable how i unknowningly didn't route very far off entering very high level zones
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