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    Locked content and bug fixes in ac4 black flag multiplayer

    Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag is a game that still has a large following and yet i don't understand why we haven't had a patch update to fix some of the issues within the games multiplayer.

    The issues including:
    1. Huntsman connor outfit locked behind a website that has been closed down making this paid for content unable to be used within game.
    2. Wall breach in a number of maps.
    3. haystack glitches (Being able to jump out of the map from a haystack to glitch the contract system) Killing yourself in the process to refresh the amount of pursuer's afteryou.
    4. connection problems during kills.
    and much more...

    I'm more than aware that Ubisoft has not got a team on this game anymore and have all focus on other projects but I'm not asking for a new game.

    Just a simple patch update for the devoted players that currently still put their time into this games multiplayer. I often see many new players in the game and it bothers me that they cannot experience the game properly because of these issues.

    I'm a youtuber that creates funny moments game content for a number of games including Assassins Creed. Although i created this video for fun I'm going to leave one here as an example of the issues we face quite regularly.


    Would love to know your thoughts regarding this.
    Thanks to those who took the time out to read this post.

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    Assassinís Creed IV Black Flag Multiplayer

    As a fan who is still playing the multiplayer of AC Brotherhood, AC Revelations, AC3 and ACIV Black Flag, I %100 support this idea. Even though this is a game that came out 6 years ago, it still has quite a diverse community within it. I strongly believe that a patch ubdate will not only make the multiplayer game better for players that are still currently playing it, but it also will make the game a better experience for players that might consider playing it in the future. I do realize that Ubisoft currently has teams devoted for other projects like the sequel for AC Origins, but I do know that giving this game a patch update will inspire a lot hardcore fans to return to the game who only stopped playing because of the gameís current condition (glitches, lag etc.). This will also give the chance for new players to experience the game as it was intended to.

    I currently play:
    Assassinís Creed Brotherhood
    Asaassinís Creed Revelations
    Assassinís Creed III
    Assassinís Creed IV Black Flag
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    Hello P0rtal_suprano,

    First off, welcome to the forums! Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! Unfortunately, Black Flag will be getting no further updates or patches.

    If you are running into any gameplay issues or bugs, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team Here.

    We appreciate hearing your thoughts!
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