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    Originally Posted by TreFacTor Go to original post
    This must have been changed then because my wife got the whisper pistol from spec ops crates ages ago (I opened the crate myself) ...
    Just for conversation: got the whisper out of a prestige crate back in Feb. So, depending on what constitutes "ages ago" ...

    It's possible the weapon was available from both crates - I guess someone who hasn't gotten it would need to check the GRN crate list and see how it's listed.
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    Handgun Whisper Legendary Prestige

    I also got mine out a Prestige crate. You can check in your "Ghost Recon Network." Under "Ghost Profile" and then selecting crates on the left side. I wanted that pistol as I thought it would be "Whisper" silent. It is what it is though.

    Remember what it shows above the gun? "Make their death as silent as a whisper."

    Before the fix:

    After the fix:
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    Why can't we edit a post. This makes sense at all.

    Darkdally Whisper Pistol

    After (update fix):

    Thank you Ghost416, I couldn't see it for looking it seems.
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    Originally Posted by KILLER_K_3000 Go to original post
    Why can't we edit a post.
    Left-click the plus sign in the lower right corner of your post. Should be two options that say "Edit Post" and "Reply With Quote."
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    I just upgraded my Whisper to level 30 to test it out. The damage is still one of the lowest pistols in the game even with the level 30 upgrade applied. In Tier 1, extreme they get alerted the same as if it had no silencer and it takes about a whole 15 round magazine to down a Santa Blanca with nothing but street clothes on. It is what it is though.
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    I just experience a problem in ghost recon wildlands on PC for the first time after years of playing this game I once opened a loot box got all items switched to credits since I own the items but then am unable to buy spec ops crates after I bought a ghost war crate I got another glitch that says I have reached to the maximum amount of crates even though I opened all my crates I have no prestige crates nor spec ops nor ghost war crates

    after verify game cache and relog on uplay I still have the same problem and under spec ops crates and ghost war crates I found that it says that next to each item there is 0. so Does this mean that the crates have limited stuff in them? and Prestige crates have all the items?
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    Originally Posted by sos031 Go to original post
    Does this mean that the crates have limited stuff in them? and Prestige crates have all the items?
    Yes, the Spec Ops crates, and the Ghost War crates, contain specific rewards. Once you've unlocked each of those rewards you get the message that you've reached the limit. This is actually a nice guy move, because it prevents the player from accidentally spending real money on something that can not possibly give them a reward.
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    Thanks a lot for the explanation
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