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    AC4 Black Flag PC 21:9 monitor support @2560x1080

    Any possibility of Ubisoft allowing non cut-scene game play to run at a 21:9 aspect ratio?

    There are quite a few ultra wide screen monitors out there now, and it's a great gaming experience when playing any title in ultra widescreen; that goes for FPS, third person, platform game etc.

    Inside the game there is support for 2560x1080 but the game looks very narrow, definitely HOR- and unplayable in this resolution.

    Please add support for ultra widescreen, for the few......but paying longtime AC PC fans.

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    By "narrow" you mean black bars at the side? +1 for full 21:9 support but I doubt Ubisoft is gonna implement it anytime soon. They stopped supporting it since AC3. The new Splinter Cell: Blacklist doesn't support it too. I would know because I've been waiting for 21:9 support for Splinter Cell: Blacklist for the longest time. Tried technical support and the forums but no dice. I'd suggest you hook your PC up to a 16:9 monitor or better still, a HDTV, to save yourself much grief.
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    +1 for 21:9 support as well. I tried the 21:9 setting as well. The blacks bar are on the top and bottom.
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    Ditto, I can't believe they're still not supporting this resolution when they offer Ultra HD textures, multi screen etc.
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    Just for your info Assasin's Creed: Brotherhood DOES support 21:9 Aspect Ratio and the following games don't support that resolution. The team did a very bad job in the next games not allowing something they did on a previous game.

    It's really annoying to be unable to enjoy the game at it's full experience just because someone at Ubisoft decided it was a bad idea to offer compatibility in the following games. Really bad work from Ubisoft here.

    And here are some Screenshots to prove my words that I uploaded in widescreengaming a while ago:

    How is it Ubisoft changed that? What did happen that they forgot about PC users and different Aspect Ratio monitors? There weren't 21:9 monitors back then when AC: Brotherhood and the game supported the AR and now that many people have them you decided not to offer compatibility.
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    Yes, it's pretty lame.

    Got myself a shiny new dell 29" 21:9, all the games i enjoy work with this aspect ratio except the Ubisoft games i got with my 780 bundle. AC/Splinter cell = no 21:9. It's really disappointing and downright insulting how previous games had support for this when no monitors existed, and now they don't anymore.

    Please patch this in and let us enjoy the money we spent on new hardware.

    I suggest you guys post in this as well..if you're interested in watch dogs. I had the game preordered but cancelled it for now. Not gonna touch it unless they will support 21:9 in it.

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    I second this!

    Playing at 21:9 on 2560x1080 gives horrible horizontal bars on the sides of my glorious 29" LG ultrawide screen.

    Nvidia Surround is supported to get three screens together to get super-wide gameplay, but not single monitor 21:9?

    This is insane and completely stupid. A "next gen" game that doesnt support the ultrawidescreen 21:9 aspect ratio shouldn't exist.

    We want this changed!
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    A response from someone from Ubisoft would be appreciated.
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    I'm having the same problem here. My display goes with black bars on the sides when using the resolution of 2560x10080 :-(
    I played with AC3 2560x1080 with no problem. I hope the AC4 receive a fix for this problem.
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    Two words: CONSOLE PORT
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