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    University of Trials Glitch?

    Here is what I am dealing with on the University of Trials bunny hop track. The way it is I can't finish it. So far all of the tracks in the University has done this but not this bad.

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    I'm trying to tell what the problem is. I see one of 2 possible problems:

    1) Are you talking about completing the contract and it not ending? If so all you have to do is hit the RB button to "Finish Lesson" to end the run and get credit for the contract.

    2) Are you talking about it automatically shifting you to the ghost? Not sure if you're accidentally hitting the directional pad or is this is even a problem.

    If you can clarify hopefully we can help you out.
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    Hey RekluseKTM! Are you able to clarify what issue you are having with the University of Trials?
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