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    Assassin's Creed Ezio Collection Mobile Port

    Given that the Ezio Collection was only made available on xbox one and ps4 consoles, I had an idea that would allow Ubisoft to release a game with less effort and appease their fanbase and in the process widen their audience. I would love to see a mobile port for ios and android of the Ezio collection or at the very least Assassin's Creed two. They could port each game individually as well and I would still buy all three (While I'm at it I should mention that I would love to see the Ezio Collection also ported to PC which I am upset about still to this day). It would make sense to port ac 2 as phones and tablets have gotten much faster to the point where they can run an old game like this well even at higher resolutions and graphical settings. I would love to be able to play ac 2, brotherhood, and revelations wherever I go. I think given the fact that ac 3 can run on the Nintendo switch pretty well which is using an nvidia tegra 3 processor which is outdated in comparison to todays mobile processors that ac 2 and the rest could as well with some optimization. This would also be a way for Ubisoft to get Assassin's creed into the hands of gamers over in Asia who predominately play on mobile devices. With the success of older gta ports, pubg, and fortnite, it makes a lot of sense for Ubisoft to port older already successful games over to mobile. These games could be ported with most of the work entailing remaking ui, buttons, and other controls so they work. You could add bluetooth controller support in order to play the game if you didn't like touch screen controls and due to the fact that both ps4 and xbox one controllers are all bluetooth based now. Overall, I think developing a mobile port of each of these games would really cement Assassin's Creed into Asian video game culture as they would now be able to experience all these games, and people like me who are fanboys of this trilogy would be able to play anywhere.
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    A phone or Tablet port would be great, but you'd need a controller, and that is an impediment for many tablet and/or phone users. A Switch port would be Ideal for all those games. (I didn't realize any of those game didn't come to PC?)

    I'd honestly be happy with a Switch port of all the 360/PS3 era AC games. I just got AC3 on Switch, and it plays very well (save for the sound, but honestly it passes). Put AC1, Ezio Collection, and the rest of the Kenway Saga on Switch, and I'll be a happy camper.
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