While we are currently looking into the root problem, some players have the following troubleshooting has helped:

First, make sure that your Windows is updated by pressing the Windows key and typing 'Check for Updates'.

Next, try running the System File Checker tool to repair any missing or corrupted system files. Please take a look at this official Microsoft article for assistance with this step.

Lastly, some players have reported that temporarily disabling IPv6 (if that is enabled with your router) has resolved this issue. As each router operates differently, we do not have an exact flow on how to perform this, but these general steps should give you a good start:

1. Right-click the network icon in the bottom right corner of your desktop, and click "Open Network and Internet Settings"

2. In the middle of the window that appears, scroll to "Change Network Settings" and then click "Network and Sharing Center"

3. Next, click "Change Adapter Options" on the side of the page.

4. Then, right click on the network adapter you are looking to change and then select Properties.

5. Now, uncheck the box for Internet Protocol Version (TCP/IPv6) and then click OK.

If you need further assistance with disabling IPv6 on your router, please contact your internet service provider.

Important: Please note that you should enable iPv6 again after trying this step. For most users whose issue was resolved by disabling iPv6, the issue remained resolved after enabling iPv6 again. If all of these steps do not help, please reach out to our team for support! We are available on our Support Portal and also on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks!