So, we've had it pretty solidly stated that there won't be any melee combat. But, Saardor from the Official Unofficial Discord Server did have a good idea on what could possibly be done with the limited amount of On-Foot gameplay we already know is in the works. That is, the movements we saw from the player's Pirate in their Hideout. What if players could purchase or loot "Treasure Maps" to hidden treasure upon the Eurasian/African Continents and the Islands?

The idea is that you get the location for treasure of some sort to be found and you disembark your ship to walk on land try to solve puzzles. This would add some more work to the on-foot gameplay as the player would likely need to use tools, push objects, lift objects, set down objects, interact with mechanisms, etc. But it would largely only be needed once as opposed to the complexities involved with boarding combat.

Plus, this is Ubisoft, and I think we all know how much Ubisoft likes their puzzles.