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    Oil tankers just wait and won't pick up oil in new world.

    I assigned new oil tankers to an oil route from the new world to the old world and they proceed to sit infinitely in front of the pickup oil harbor in the new world and refuse to pick up the oil. I don't know how else to proceed any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Good evening xen0zer0, sorry for the delay in replying to you!

    Most issues where things aren't acting as they should are fixed with a verification of game files, but should this not be the case please let me know!
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    Solution not successful.

    After the initial file verification, the oil tankers deposited oil to my island in the new world but on the return trip to my island in the new world the problem still remains. One message that had arose was that the storage was full at the receiving end from the new world. As of now the trade route has 3 oil tankers transporting 400 units of oil each from one island in the new world to another island in the old world. The initial delivery was able to be deposited due to the fact that I loaded the oil manually.
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    Thanks for getting back to us.

    Are you able to provide a video of this issue for investigation?
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    oil tanker resolution unsuccessful.

    Sure, I made a video of the problem and posted it to my you tube channel

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    Thanks for the video xen0zer0!
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    Same problem.
    Oil Tankers wait even when i deleted all trade lines , placed 1 ship to pick oil from island. It still waits infinitely.
    Now i will check with verification of files.

    Edit: Thing that worked for me was destroying and rebuilding Oil Harbor. Moving don't work. You need to delete it.
    I had trains moving even when it was 1000 (full). After rebuild oil went to 0 (no oil silos) and all worked ok again.
    (Thx to guy below)
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    If you're experiencing the same thing I did, then the problem isn't the tankers. The problem is your Oil Harbor is not sending out trains to collect the oil. Watch and see if you see trains running. Also, click on your Oil Refineries and see if they say "We're Out of Room" and have a full internal storage of 200/200.

    If you do NOT see trains running, then delete your Oil Harbor and rebuild it. DO NOT upgrade it immediately. Wait until you see a few trains make runs. Keep in mind that this worked for me, but was only a temporary fix. The bug did happen again, and it can happen on ANY island with an Oil Harbor. Also be aware that while this did work for me, I know of at least one case where it did not work for him.

    I submitted a ticket back in August, Ubi-Redbeard, Case Number 09467850
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