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    Multiplayer won't work

    So hello,
    I just have a question why the multiplayer is not working for me? My NAT-Type is open, also i tried to open ports, tried the exposed host, cleared the DNS-Cache, looked up the host.ini but i still can't find a game, timer is running from 60 to zero and i get the message that the request timed out.

    I don't know why, in the Beta multiplayer worked fine for me?!
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    Hello BB_Rodney,

    Please reach out to our Support Team for technical assistance as well as troubleshooting.
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    What's your platform? PC and Switch multiplayer is dead. On other systems you should be able to get into a game without too many attempts.
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    I'm on the switch and having the same issue. Do you mean dead as in no one is out there or it just won't work?
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