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    Bug with assassin recruits

    Hi guys. I have AC3 Remastered on Xbox One and I unlocked almost every achievement, the only one left is "Completionist" but there's a bug with it, every recruit is already level 11 (Assassin) but the souvenir in the house isn't unlocked, and the progress tracker grid entry says that Stephane Chapeau and Jamie Colley are not assassins yet, it says 90% on both of them. I want to know if there's a solution, the game is really good but I don't want to repeat the whole game because I already have 98% progress...
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    Hello Excawber003,

    First off, welcome to the forums! I am going to move this to the Support forums for you, so our Support Team can look into this for you.
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    Make stephane chapheau an assassin

    It says 90% I've already max level stephane (level 11) and i can't get the trophy (Completionist) I'm playing on ps4
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