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    Do you Focke Wulf jocks see over the danged instrument panel? I swear, it's like trying to fly VFR with Flight Simulator's IFR panel. Deflection shots must be a bloody nightmare, or else you must all have top-secret X-Ray goggles.

    I just had to ask. Been flying the Butcher Bird a bit since I started the Burning Skies campaign. I think I'll stick to Thunderbolts and Tempests after I'm done...
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    Make a note of the target's heading, then pull lead and shoot. Even without being able to physically see the target, you should be able to visualize where it is. Between bursts of fire, drop the nose to see if the target was hit, and adjust accordingly.

    Or, just spray randomly along the target's predicted path. You're bound to hit something.
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    What Fritz said....most of the kills I make in a FW190 are typically sight unseen. I see the target...make a mental note...fire my burst of gunfire and then check to see if I did it properly. Sometimes if its at an odd angle I'll roll inverted or nearly inverted just to make the shot...unusual but sometimes I'll do it.
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    That must take practice. Mostly I end up squirting (lol) round all 'round the target, and get like 15 hits.

    I will say one thing for the 'Bird - Doesn't take more than a couple hits to exploderize or disintegrate a plane. Love the rollrate too. I almost got seasick when I flipped over to dive on that one poor sucker.
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    I don't have some secret technique just...
    in deflection, I don't level my wings to enemy ac wings that mean straight 6 and level. That way I can actually see/track the target.

    Otherwise in most cases I wouldn't be able to shoot or I would simply lose my target because smart pilots, when engaged this way will evade without pattern.

    That's the pood part about it.

    The bad part about it is you get really a snap burst but in Wurger's case, that should be enough. At least one or two 20mms should end up on target. After that you just climb up in direction opposite of your enemy evading turn, so he actually must roll to the other side (which is a very crappy move in Spitfire) to get a gun solution on you... at that point you are at least 450m away from him and still increasing distance lightning fast.

    So he is making basically an impossible shot.

    So... go back on him from above and repeat the procedure. After two passes you should cripple/destroy him.

    You can't shoot down something you can't see/feel in some way. It's that simple.
    No matter what other guys say, to pull a blind deflection your opponent must make a perfect pattern-evading turn. I can, I'm pretty sure of that, shot down ea ~8/10 cases in hard blind deflection if he makes a perfect evasion. That ~2 cases are accounted for guns RoF in combinations with distance and deflection speed and my crapy shooting. Some may pull better than that perhaps even 10/10! Nose of the FW should move very little in the direction of evading turn (few ac distances ahead of it shooting lasts until target flies thru it) to make that target barrage area very dense and filled with flying lead so the target ac must get some.

    Go online and check just how much times will that happen.

    But... if they make you what they make in most cases it should look like this for example; you track him then he goes for hard right turn evasion, you quickly compensate by putting your nose few aircraft lengths in front of his last know position and start to shoot at that point - barrage shoot - and he is supposed to run thru your bullets.... but where he is..?

    After he hard evaded right, he continued right then down then chopped throttle and went straight up above you, while you are in hard turn shooting at that point. If you continue to turn and search for him you'll certainly find him.... at your six and closing.

    But if you are willing to take my advice... engage mostly targets that didn't saw you.
    Maneuver at his high six, then dive... dive below his level while keeping extra fast speed.
    Few moments before you enter gun range level at his dead six.
    Stabilize your Focke Wulf (you trimmed the elevator few notches down, didn't you ), gunsite directly at target.
    And.. when he fills your gunsight just pull the trigger with gunsight dead on target.
    Like I said at 250m you should literally tear him apart.

    Those are cleanest and best kills, but thing is they aren't as easy as they look like at first sight. To do it, for a start, you must be able to spot him before he spots you.
    And that is, in WW2 fighter Vs fighter combat - EVERYTHING.
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    Kuna is wrong.

    Raaaid has the real answer.
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    I have rolled FW's over to be able to use the top of the sight ring for deflection.
    It's not something you can do when pulling much any G load but some times it can be done.
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    Minimize the shots you need in deflection. If you generally know where your rounds are going to be going, then you can effectively guess where your shots are going and where your target will be. You can also pull up, fire a burst, and see if it hits.
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    Wot you can also do to keep the a/c in sight is to level out a the last moment and kick 100% rudder and take a potshot... something like a horizontal deflection shot in the plane(flat surface) of the target
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    No cockpit.

    You can turn the cockpit off in the difficulty setting.
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