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    Hello and about gear crates

    First off, hello to this community. This is my first trials game and so far I can see why so many have been playing for so many years. This game can be a lil addicting lol. Right now I'm playing on a switch, which is the first console I've had in a hot minute, so I'm sure the gameplay is smoother for you guys with heftier consoles, but totally digging the portability of it. Not quite a ninja yet, but have gotten gold on all the extremes with mantis except Inferno 5 and the 2 route 66 ones. At least got gold on Inferno 5 with the helium and could probably gold the other 2 but trying to do them with the mantis as well. Maybe one day I can tackle the ninja courses like some of you impressive riders, but I definitely still need practice before that happens. Hopefully they'll get things sorted out soon so we can all enjoy without headaches.

    edit: removed paragraph on gear crates. Had originally thought challenger crates had something to due with gear crates, but issue was already solved.
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    I think they claim the lootboxes should be delivered correctly now, as of a week or two ago iirc. Your situation seems to counter their claim.

    EDIT: Found it, they said it was fixed as of June 21. I'm back to getting boxes at each level-up in SP, when for the longest time I wasn't.


    Btw, you should definitely try the first Ninja track, it's short and really not that difficult. If you can Gold Inferno I'm certain you could beat that first one before long.
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    Thanks for that info. Hopefully it's actually "fixed". I'll have to go ahead and test out by opening my challenger crate and lvling up a couple times.
    edit: just read link. Glad they worked that out. At least we get them at some point in that lvl.

    lol I've been working on that 1st ninja track. I can get to cp 2, but then my luck runs out trying to get over those 2 poles. My balancing skills need major improvement to work the endo to bunny hop correctly. Finally got decent with throttle control, but landing on really steep inclines is still sketchy at best. Inferno 5 isn't that bad with the mantis, but still having issues with those tires and the last obstacle. Watching the top replays just blows me away. I can see it's possible, it's just a matter of tweaking my movements.
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    I should have mentioned the helium is probably easier for that first ninja.

    I remember for the top Inferno time, or around the top by now I don't know, it was keyboard controls. Amazing. That's what I love about the Trials series. Simple controls, just four inputs, yet the gulf from novice to master is immense.
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    Just lvld up a couple times without the challenger crates in garage and still received gear crates. There is still an issue with receiving them immediately after lvling though. The crate doesn't show up until I have over 8000 xp in that lvl. At least it's mostly fixed.

    Yeah, I've tried the ninja with the helium, but that section still does me in lol. I think if I can tighten up my endos and rear wheel bounces I'll be able to get thru it.
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    You don't need to endo on the small vertical logs in the track, though the first log after CP2 is convenient to do so. This expert 0 faulted it without touching the brake!

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    What a smooth looking run! I think that was just the replay I needed. Wen't outta town for the day yesterday and took the switch for the ride and downtime. Ended up getting my white belt and even got bronze too! Thnx for the inspiration. Now to figure out how to get yellow belt lol.
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    Hello FrequentForager,

    Glad to hear that gear crates are working for you properly. If you ever run across any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team.

    Also, welcome to the community! I too am an avoid switch player, love the portability aspect of Trials on the go.
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