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    An urgent message to Ubisoft and Redlynx!

    To start, i am mostly happy with Rising. Of course, Im upset by its launch, and the very lackluster way in which communication has taken place. Patches breaking more things then fixing, TCs continued mistreatment (no splits, bad UI, favorites are a mess, etc.), lagginess on a high bandwidth ps4 Pro, so on, and so on. But i remain optimistic, that eventually Rising will ... rise to its full potential. The problem is that im just one rider, and a massive portion of your entire player base, both new comers and looong time veterans, are done with this game. And thats really sad. I was sooooo excited, since Rising was the first new Trials that i got to be a part of. 4 months in and ps4 MP is dead mostly, TC is barely recieving quality new tracks, new content is sparse and ill communicated to the community (i.e. release of mini track pack when?). And every day more and more people are dropping out. Youtubers, Streamers, Content Creators, YOUR very community, is crying out for some help, and we receive so little. I dont know what can be done at this point to help though. Im not a PR person. I do t have a degree in Software coding. But a few suggestions could be: A montly calander of events, patches and new content. Releasing the 5 track pack for free as token gesture. Adding mini Tournaments to re-earn acorns would help ease frustrations as well. I think Teams could help bring the community together in some ways also. Regardless, this is all just my opinion, but i AM your community. Im a daily rider, who has spent a lot of money on this IP. I want to enjoy this game for many years like i did with previous titles, but most of all i want other people to enjoy it with. The more riders we lose, the more barren the landscape becomes. Please help us guys! Anyways, let me finish by again reiterating, i enjoy Rising. I recently joined a well known Trials group, have made a lot of cool friends, and have been having a blast. Id like to see more people coming back and experiencing that as well. If anyone else wants to add anything CONSTRUCTIVE, please feel free to do so. And If anyone of any importance at Ubi/RL winds up getting this far, thanks for your time. -Calculusman1084.
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    Good post and I agree. But I don't think redlynx/ubi will respond.
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    Here’s my two cents on the whole TC situation:

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    I know it probably will not be seen by anyone who can impact the game, but I wrote this as much for myself, as anyone else out there feeling the same way. And Oregon, great video! I watch all your stuff on youtube, and your TC Thursday's are great! There are many youtubers and streamers i watch for Trials stuff that have already given up though. CaptainSparklez 2 did a Fusion private MP every week of 8 TC tracks, and he's done them for a long time. 20 to 40 THOUSAND people watch these videos. He only did a handful for Rising after launch, then quit because theres no directions for deleting favorites, and TC is just clunky and difficult to use. Now he's back on Fusion, and thats a large number of potential new Riders not seeing this game. There are examples of this all over the place. There is so much talent in PR, Game design, Streaming, Interfacing, Content Creation, etc., within the Trials community. Fans of this long running series who have great ideas and have been vocal with them, yet are constantly let down. I know that things take time, which is why im still hanging in there, but many are not. These forums, which were very active at launch, is another example of what im trying to say. Less and less constructive input, and more and more anger and frustration. Everyday many Riders are putting the controller down and moving onto something else. Daily riders no longer playing. Its just sad... Anyways, ive rambled enough. But please keep adding to this, and maybe well get through to someone who can make a difference.
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    Thanks calculusman for your words!! I agree 100 %, you nailed it!
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    Community is what makes the majority of this game so good, however if the game remains in a state where lots of people, including long-time fans aren't happy, there will be few people around.

    Track Central is like super important, as it serves multiple purposes:
    - Custom Tracks add to the longevity of the game by years
    - If people cannot find tracks easily the hard work the builders put in is going to waste

    Multiplayer on PC is already reaching the point where I can't find any players, and even then, playing with like less then 4 players is not fun at all.

    Crates and coins and challengers work again for me, great, but those also worked at launch and compared to Track Central doesn't add much to the true longevity of the game, which are builders/players interaction with custom tracks.

    I know I won't give up easily, Evo Gold and Fusion PC communties were small but even during that time, the forums and such were much more active.

    There's still 1 major DLC many people already paid for, and might get some people back to the game briefly, but there need to be fixes and improvements to keep those people around.
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    Agreed with much of the comments here. I get the feeling they are on auto-pilot. The plan before launch was to ship at this date, have two DLC's at those dates, and have Seasons with cosmetics and collectibles, with a pre-set budget etc. and they are going through the motions on that pre-defined plan despite the fact sales were poor and retention is a serious issue. Take this new Season for example, there is absolutely nothing in there which will encourage new players to buy Rising, or make existing owners happy, when that latter group are left wondering why the development time wasn't spent fixing various broken things instead. For additional irony, I see on the game loading splash screen and on the store page for the new summer outfit that the lifebelt goes around the torso as you'd expect, however when I got it from a crate I see it looks like a small donut placed on the top of the riders head. Does nobody test things there?

    No Man's Sky transformed its reputation from far worse than Rising ever had, into something positive now. That took a lot of work and I'm not expecting or even suggesting an effort of that magnitude here, rather I make the point that it is possible to change the reputation. In Rising's case, it wouldn't take that much effort, if only they would try.

    The top issues new players have are XP gating and lootboxes. The only purpose XP serves is to gate content and to give lootboxes, two systems that players hate. So rip it out! How hard can it be? Just change league unlocks to be based on medal count like earlier games, and then instead of awarding lootboxes award more trials coins for track completion, contracts and challengers. Or to make it even easier, instead of doing unlocks at XP levels 28. 38, 48, 58 etc. change those numbers to 10, 15, 20, 25, etc. Seriously, how hard could *that* be? 5 minutes perhaps? Perception for new buyers would immediately improve, leading to better user reviews and more sales. Imagine if they had made that simple change in the first patch, instead of letting the bad reputation linger like they have. For existing players, fix the broken things (I can't add TC tracks to Favorites e.g. since that was broken in the June update), and fix the TC like Oregon Pacifist suggested, plenty of low hanging fruit there. Nobody cares about these Season events, which are badly designed anyway since they rely on lootboxes, and during the Easter event the lootboxes were broken for most players, and now a lot of day one players will have done all the Contracts they're capable of and that's the #1 source of XP in SP.

    I fear Ubi will look at sales and user base metrics when making decisions about the franchises future, rather than considering that this situation was self-inflicted by bad design choices and bad prioritizing and poor quality control, much of which could still be reversed without much effort. They just need to care, just a little bit.
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    I am considering myself one of the most positive people you can find on the internet. Waiting with patience for patches, ignoring all the hate from the people that can't wait anymore or they are here only for the hating. And if there is a time i have nothing good to say about a game, it's just time to throw a big black rock behind and move on to something else.

    Now Trials is another story. It's just the one and only series that i cannot simply ignore and move on. Been on this wagon since the beginning, remember at a time we were around 30-40 people on their forum, or was it the T2 leaderboards? And then bam, we were celebrating each 1000 members that were becoming part of this community. 5000 members back then was something breathtaking. Seeing many people from these ancient times or even legendary creators that i have no doubt that they love Trials getting more and more frustrated about its state, not a good thing.

    Seeing how crates, challengers and things like that are still not working and how various event are evolving around them, all those extras feel like a punishment for the early birds that are around since the release. The various news posts saying how awesome the first season was, or how the second one or the upcoming events will blow us away with their awesomeness feel like all those posts here are being ignored or something. A news post where they admit they took some bad decisions, or things weren't as good as expected would look so much better to my eyes and could have brought some faith back.
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    Great points guys, and thank you for your input. And an open letter from RL on the current state of things could really go a long way in helping. Insight into the future as well, could also help. I know the streams are watched by some. But there are so many other outlets that get little to no information firsthand. Releasing a statement to Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Youtube, Reddit, Console Communities, Official Forums, etc., would reach so many more people. But ultimately, fixing some of the most glaring issues is the only thing that'll save Rising. Fusion had a really rough launch. But things evolved and got better with large steps taken. Time wasnt wasted on repetitive collection events, and cosmetic fluff. Major gameplay mechanics were implemented, and more people came back. And new folks jumped on board as the word spread. 1.7 MILLION copies sold in its first 10 months. Rising has been out for 4 months and has a little over 300000 times for its first tracks. And its all downhill from there. Major figures in the community are gone, people who promoted this series tirelessly! If RL/Ubi could start turning things around, word of mouth would bring those people back. Rising is a console game, and should be treated as such. I know Frontier, as a freemium gacha game, has 10 million downloads on the google play store, but Rising cant be treated as such. And TC being the games lifeblood, its very foundation, should also be treated with a mindset for longevity, and exposure for the builders in the community. Fix these things and riders will come back, hopefully... if its not to late already.
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    At this point, I'd say turning things around needs something actively, individually engaging, like player-generated contracts in TC. You can only burn everything down so dramatically before bringing people back takes more than just finally climbing up to basic adequacy.

    The new player experience is still pretty opaque and terrible, too, as others have said. It takes a great deal of faith to put up with the early game. We shouldn't have to "put up with" our purchased entertainment, and the market has little concern for those who say otherwise. Remove the gating on seeing levels so you're encouraging people to stay and play until the game wins them over instead of holding content back and daring players to leave. Let the levels bring crates as rewards instead of just dragging out the progression and feeling negative. This won't change anyone's minds, but it will help lose fewer who give you a chance despite what they've heard.

    Changing minds requires more than just showing up.
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