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    Union Update: Game Update 3.2 and City Promotion

    The upcoming Game Update 3.2, which will hit Anno 1800 next Monday July 8th, will be the last minor update before we will fully focus on Game Update 4 “Sunken Treasures”. We are currently testing the content with a selected group of players from the Anno Union and will provide the exciting details about the big update and the DLC in an upcoming DevBlog and AnnoCast livestream.

    Time: 12:00 UTC
    Size: ~550MB

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    After initial boot, Anno 1800 reverts back to Anno 7 in my Task Manager atm.
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    Black Screen

    Upon launch, the game will stall at a black screen. The mouse cursor changes to the Anno cursor but that's as far as it goes. The game window also labels it as Anno 7 instead of Anno 1800.
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    Black Screen

    I've run Verify Files from the UPlay dashboard and corrupted files were found. After running the Repair/Resolve action and the automatic Download and can play again.
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    I have the same problem

    I have the same problem
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    After update game dont work!
    Black screen and DX12 or DX11 error occured
    Nothing helps!
    Fix it!
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    You still do not fixed Expedition error when u can click only OKAY option and nothing is happening. I sent my flag ship on this expedition and cant finish it bc of this BUG. It is known issue from release date and still not fixed
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