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    Pike Alley Candy

    Anyone have any idea how to get this candy? Pike Alley.

    I've tried 3 different bikes to slam on it, still cannot fly up... even lean back and forward during take off still doesn't help.

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    You need to do a bunny hop from the platform prior to the check point in the screen shot. Just go full throttle and jump. You should be able to get the candy. Use the Tango.
    Would be easier if the bike is upgraded fully or just missing final two upgrades.
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    Is it some kind of an event or what?
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    Originally Posted by kamilus26 Go to original post
    Is it some kind of an event or what?
    No mate
    This is the Candy hunt which is part of the game's missions.
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    I did it!

    with my Tango (5-7-6-7) after 10+- attempts
    Thanks guys!

    Here's some tips very useful for candy quest:
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