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    AC odyssey shutting down my PC


    I bought assassin's creed odyssey recently and when I was playing on my PC,it simply powers off and on again in a few moments.

    I suspect it's the configuration of my PC

    Intel Core i5 2400

    12 GB ddr3

    NVIDIA GeForce 750 Ti

    Ps:I I play with everything on low
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    UbiCosmos's Avatar Community Representative
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    Hello CaduMaverickbr,

    Welcome to the forums! I am moving this to our PC Support forums, for better assistance.
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    Ubi-Trippn's Avatar Senior Member
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    Hi CaduMaverickbr,
    There could be some conflicting software too so please also try a clean boot in Windows
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    Druout1944's Avatar Member
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    Same issue; bet it's the DRM+VM . No other game I have does this including GR: Breakpoint, RDR2, Hitman 2.
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