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    From Italy, i got that error. But when i try to log in from web, all works fine
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    Ahh, it's the return of Udontplay! And you were doing so well, Ubi.
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    I reset my password twice and still getting the same message..."You have been logged out, Your account has been accessed from another location. This may have an impact on your game."

    No sh_t...
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    UPlayPlus=UDontPay so UCantPlay
    I knew it!!!!

    No really just FIX IT

    It is 19:16 in Germany and I WANT TO PLAY MY GAMES god damnit
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    Yes I have this problem, because I'm at Greece and it takes me to international shop and not at Europe
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    I started to play WD2 after a long time two days ago and I didn't complete it yet. But played hacking from the satellites mission yesterday. So is it the problem??? Did I hacked Ubi when I was playing
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    they said the maintenance will end at 16:00 UTC but it's 17:00 UTC and still nothing. If it's a problem just tell us to do something else 'till you fix it 'cause it's ****ing annoying to wait this much
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    Ah, somehow I did not see it before. Thx.
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    Well, I'm located in Edmonton Alberta Canada. its 11:16am at the current moment, and I'm still getting the error. I got the message about 20 minutes ago when I first signed onto my computer, so I'm going to assume that they're gonna be working on this for a little while. I'll keep trying to sign in every couple minutes. But we're all going to probably have to buckle down and wait for a couple hours as most likely a client update push might have to be sent out to everyone. Or just a simple fix, but I would change passwords after you sign into your account once its fixed as security may possibly be lowered to allow people to feed back into the servers again. I know steam, and blizzard do this, which is why I almost never EVER use their clients so uhh. Be careful gamers. I'm not implying that Ubisoft has ****ty security, or that they're going to go out of their way to breach users data. But I'm implying to be careful as other major corporations have done this before.
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    Originally Posted by TheRealSurrenic Go to original post
    How would this be a full refund for your library, it's just a small outtage, just find something else for these few minutes/hours?
    It's "just a small outage" of an extremely anti-consumer DRM service that's been forced on us all. If Ubi's going to make us put up with the UPlay cancer to play their games, under no circumstances is even a "small outage" in any way acceptable.
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