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    finally logged in
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    I'm in there just like a nice VAGlNA
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    4AM UTC+8 still can't login after an hour of trying.
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    Thanks, it worked for me or it is just coincidence.
    (edit) Answer to DaisoFast - Try change your password then enter game again.
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    in search on 1 day boost for suckage
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    Ok maybe they have fixed it or not, but i'm in since 30min. So with my solution it worked for me. You just need to try it more than once to login. And pls don't check Remember as @UnluckySanta said.
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    Originally Posted by unstood Go to original post
    I connected, and stayed connected to the servers about ah hour ago. How many times did you attempt to log in?
    I got in a couple of times, but it took me around 10 tries to successfully connect.
    I tried maybe 7-8 times and 3 times I got connected, after 15min in-game kicked again.
    Second time, I went downstairs for dinner, when I came back an hour later, I was logged out, with the same message.

    So as other people suggested, this was indeed all coincidance. Nothing worse than getting kicked while ingame.
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    still not working here [Germany 22:17]
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    Enfin sa passe maintenant merci Ubisoft
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    Yes.... When will it be fixed ? That's the question .... We are waiting answer please...
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