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    finally can login again now.
    and i can play again. (division 2)

    thx ubisoft team
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  2. #302
    It actually let me in now.
    I just unticked "Remember me" and it worked.
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  3. #303

    Ubi fyi

    US East coast, dbl clicked desktop icon => logged out twice automatically with the error message. Dbl clicked again and it logged in. Played for about 4 hours, then got kicked from server with server message at 3:51. Have not been able to log in again.

    I understand Ubi is having issues, just FYI if it helps.
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  4. #304
    I'm in too.
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  5. #305
    now i relog and im in! thank's ubi
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  6. #306
    Guys reinstall uplay and it will work.i just did it or maybe they fixed it but they didnt announced it yet!!!
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  7. #307
    Tried this but it doesn't work.

    Tried using my vpn. Still doesn't work!
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  8. #308

    Finally got it working

    Hey all, just wanted to share my experience finally working around the utter ****ery Ubi is putting us through this evening. So I was finally able to login after doing the following: 1) disable 2 factor authentication on your acc - it seems to be screwing things up worse than they already are. 2) Change your password. 3) Restart your pc 4) Change your password BACK to your old one. After this I was finally able to log in. I'll be honest, I'm not sure if anything I did fixed it, or if Ubisoft finally got around to fixing this for my account, as people seem to getting back on in waves. Whatever the case, I wish you all every success and hope this helps at least one other person.
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  9. #309
    It Works since 5 min
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  10. #310
    Thanks dude! that worked
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