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    4 hour pass
    and i can't play the division 2 OMG
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    I can tell you how many €€€ thay get from me for, eg, a 1 year pass: 0
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    Originally Posted by RanchingRakoun Go to original post
    dude if you don't get a refund for your booster then keep commenting because that's actual money that was lost on behalf of Ubisoft. Hopefully everyone who had a booster activated will be given one, But i think that Ubi should just give everyone a booster for everyday we cant play.
    booster? i dont need a booster. give me free expansive game or money in my wallet for ruined evening cause tomorrow i had to go to work for 6 ****ing days...
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    possible fix/solution/workaround for me was the offline mode of the uPlay Launcher.

    1. Go to Settings at the bottom of the uPlay Login Screen and check the option "Always start Uplay in offline mode.
    2. Click on Restart Uplay above the checked option.
    3. Now login to your account.
    4. When the launchers has opened, click on your profile in the top right corner and click on Go online.
    5. The Launcher will restart and maybe you have to type in your 2-factor code.

    After that you should be online.

    Hope i could help you with that.
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    I restarted my pc and logged in uplay but when i started GRW i got error for synchronizing achievements. I hit skip and played game for about 40 minutes. When I left the game I got same sync achievements error. Tried to restart uplay but now you have been logged out error is back.
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    RB6 logg in bug

    I have lost 2 matches because of this bug and its pissing me off! Can I place get my elo back?
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    Logging in with Offline mode then "go(ing) online DOES NOT work
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    Are there any POKEs to get around this?
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    When it is gonna to be fixed? I still can't log in
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    I JUST bought GRW on a Steam sale. Whole big expensive package it was.

    Now I can't play at all. I can't play any of it. About to ask for a refund on my newly bought game if this is the kind of service I can expect from Uplay.
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