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    yes, check login logs if you are concerned
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    Your account has been hacked === Our server is down????
    That's not funny AT ALL!
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    worked just now
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    If it worked, lucky you, but trying over and over or resetting doesn't work for all.
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    The Servers are not Down, it's just you can't log in. And Ubisoft have literally explained at the beginning of their post that this is sort of Degradation issue provoking this pop up message.
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    IK people have pointed this out, but going into offline mode does log you in. It's connecting to their servers that cause the problem. Still, I feel for yall trying to play R6S...
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    Yeah, I changed all kinds of passwords and set up all kinds of security lol
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    Well I just learned that you have to be online to "activate" games you just purchased... Ubisoft, why can't you be like Steam...
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    Thats nice, in the mean time we are locked out of our accounts??
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    Originally Posted by AgentBurtMaclin Go to original post
    ITT: a bunch of whiny, entitled little children upset they can't play their video game. Relax kids, get up from the computer, go outside, read a book, go to the gym, and when it's fixed they will let you know and you can resume playing your games.
    I found the boomer
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