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    I'm glad we'll see a patch in July, but that is impressively lacking anything to be particularly happy about.
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    Originally Posted by decNL Go to original post
    how about a fix for the tracks of the multiplayer before noone is playing it anymore because of the same 10 tracks forever the last 3 weeks
    I reached Diamond yesterday, so i will stop for this season anyways 😂 But yes... always the same 10 tracks was very boring.
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    IF all the TC stuff makes it even 50% better, this is already a good patch.
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    any fixes to the Challenges having a server disconnect error and not being able to do anything with them, that has been there since week 1
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    Hardly any noticable changes.. Track central UI Update? Not really.. Trending tab is still just showing the best maps of all times, no new actually "trending" ones. KTM and Fox Racing Stickers are still missing... Burnout contract on "Cadillac Rancher" is still broken, even though it was supposed to be fixed with the last update.. Maybe you ppl should take a course how to actually bring an update on the live servers... Frustrating .. as always.
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    a "no tracktime" searchfilter please in TC, so only tracks where the player has no tracktime would be displayed
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    What are you actually doing while "maintenance" is done? Online servers don't seem to be better, there are still neither times nor mistakes displayed in global and private multiplayer, I am still playing the same f*cking maps as in the last weeks while in global multiplayer - IF someone is actually playing. I think this will be the coffin nail for the series.

    And I don't get it, that some of that issues haven't been issues in the previous game.
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    By "maintenance", they just mean they are installing the server side of the update, not like actually doing maintenance.
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    YES. Finally able to do my Challenges again.. It’s been a frustrating wait, but glad it’s fixed..
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